Apple has finally met its Fortnite match


Epic Games executed its most ambitious Fortnite live event yesterday, leading both Apple and Google to remove one of the world’s most popular games from their app stores. It was a well choreographed sequence of events designed to highlight the power Apple and Google hold over app stores, especially Apple’s walled garden. Epic Games has now filed lawsuits against both Apple and Google in a battle that’s likely to last months. Epic Games is uniquely positioned to pull off a stunt like this, and now poses a serious threat to how Apple, in particular, operates its App Store and iOS

Spooky action at a distance: The future magic of remote collaboration


The global pandemic and the corporate office shutdowns resulting from it have wrought changes to how work works. While essential people in certain industries have continued their jobs in ways that are relatively familiar under layers upon layers of personal protective equipment, many companies have had to find ways to continue other work at a “social” distance. And in those situations, employees must find ways to continue collaborating as they did when they were packed into cubicles, open floor plans, and all the other various patterns of modern office spaces.

Workplace changes due

Intel’s Tiger Lake CPUs are ready to take on Ryzen 4000 mobile

Enlarge / Joe Exotic was not given a pass to attend Architecture Day 2020.

This Tuesday, Intel held an all-day virtual “Architecture Day” conference and took attendees on a deep dive into the architecture of upcoming products in all categories: CPUs, GPUs (dedicated and integrated), and FPGAs. We learned a lot about what Intel’s been working on and why, with the most concrete details being about the most imminent release—next month’s Tiger Lake laptop processors.

Ditching the ticks, tocks, and plusses

How Samsung’s beans broke the mold of wireless earbuds


It wasn’t hard to spot Yongseok Bang, lead designer of the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, the moment I joined a video call with him and other employees gathered around a table in one of Samsung’s South Korea conference rooms. Directly in front of Bang was a black notebook with a big white bean stamped on the front. He quickly confirmed to me that the team had internally called Samsung’s latest true wireless earbuds by the same “beans” nickname that the rest of us did once the leaks began. Samsung went in a different direction with the final branding

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: All-around great


After a brief stint with Wear OS (then Android Wear), Samsung ditched Google’s smartwatch platform for its own. This resulted in a stunted app ecosystem and some compatibility issues, but over time helped Samsung’s smartwatches blossom into the well-rounded wearables we’re familiar with today. The latest Samsung watch exudes premium hardware and a breadth of features you can really only get from one other company.

Read Android Authority’s full Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review to find out why it’s the best Apple Watch alternative you can buy.

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Tile Slim Review: What’s peace of mind worth?


I bought a Tile Slim to help my occasional forgetfulness. I’m pleased to report mostly good things about how well it worked, how it performed in my wallet, and its value for money. However, there are a few considerations here.

Just so you understand, I’m sometimes forgetful about physical objects. I do sometimes, just occasionally, misplace my wallet or my phone. Asking my Nest Home to “find my phone” has saved me some bother. Then I lost my wallet for about two weeks and that brought everything to a head. (This was during complete lockdown, so it had

How to turn regular bricks into electricity-storying supercapacitors


Usually the phrase “power brick” refers affectionately to the AC adapter of something like a laptop. But what if that term was quite literal, involving an actual brick?

A team led by Hongmin Wang at Washington University set out to make a genuine power brick. More specifically, they wanted to see if they could use a vapor coating technique to turn ordinary red bricks into part of a supercapacitor. That actually isn’t quite as weird as it sounds, given that the red of a brick is an iron mineral, and iron is a common component of some battery chemistries.

Here’s how to watch Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s 70th birthday celebration


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak turns 70 years old today, and you can celebrate by attending his celebrity-studded virtual birthday party that’s happening in just a few hours at 8PM ET. Today’s party also kicks off an “11 Days of Wozdom” social media contest offering Woz-autographed Apple products as prizes.

The party isn’t just an excuse to celebrate an important figure in American technology history, however. It’s also a fundraiser to support Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation (yes, as in the Grammy-nominated singer Jewel). She will be hosting tonight’s festivities, which will feature a huge number of singers, actors, comedians, and other

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