Rock art in a California cave was a visual guide to hallucinogenic plants

Enlarge / This red pinwheel image (left), which is around 500 years old, may depict the unfurling petals of a datura flower (right).

Rick Bury and Melissa Dabulamanzi

At a cave in Southern California, archaeologists recently found centuries-old bundles of hallucinogenic plants tucked into crevices in the low ceiling, near a painting that may depict a flower from the same plant, called datura. The painted images may have been a visual aid to help people understand the rituals they experienced in the cave.

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University of Central Lancashire archaeologist David Robinson and his colleagues describe the bundles

8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus review: So much to love


You may not have heard of the company 8bitdo (pronounced “eight-bit-doe”), but you really should know about it. The brand has carved out a strong niche for itself as the creator of retro-inspired gaming accessories that focus on build quality, compatibility, and customization. The 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus is the flagship controller of the company. In our 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus review, we’re going to tell you why it is one of the best controllers you can get for the Nintendo Switch, as well as computers and Android devices.

8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus review: What is it?

8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus Review Box Contents

Credit: C. Scott

Jabra Elite 85t review: Catching up to the best


Update, November 23, 2020: This review was updated to address a firmware update, which upgrades Bluetooth 5.0 to Bluetooth 5.1, reduces charging time, and more.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you’re hunting for new true wireless earbuds, especially as an Android user. There’s no simple AirPods solution to turn to. While that might be a headache to some, to others it means the freedom to track down a pair of buds that are just right for you. We submit for your consideration the Jabra Elite 85t, a powerful pair of noise-cancelling wireless earbuds.

The Elite 85t can block

Waze will soon support CarPlay’s split-view dashboard mode


Waze is finally coming to Apple CarPlay’s new multiscreen dashboard. This is sure to come as welcome news to devotees of the Google-owned navigation app, who have been waiting for over a year for it to work with the much-improved, upgraded version of CarPlay.

A tipster who is beta testing the new feature sent us this image of Waze operating in CarPlay’s new Split View function. Apple rolled out the new dashboard as part of last year’s iOS 13 software update, but it was limited to only work with Apple Maps at the time. Previously, CarPlay required bouncing between

How a Thanksgiving Day gag ruffled feathers in Mission Control

Enlarge / Flight Director James M. (Milt) Heflin, in Mission Control during the flight of STS-26 in 1988.


The phone call from the “Mountain” to Mission Control in Houston came at just about the worst possible time. It was the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning in 1991. Up in space, the crew members on board space shuttle Atlantis were sleeping. Now all of a sudden, Lead Flight Director Milt Heflin faced a crisis.

The flight dynamics officer in Mission Control informed Heflin that the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station, which tracked orbital traffic, had called to warn that a

Review: Synchronic is a time-bending slow burn of a sci-fi thriller


Anthony Mackie and Jamie Dornan star as New Orleans paramedics who encounter a series of bizarre, gruesome accidents in the sci-fi thriller Synchronic.

Chances are you missed Synchronic, the latest sci-fi film written and directed by indie filmmakers Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, when it was released in limited theaters and drive-ins last month. Not only were many theaters still shut down because of the pandemic, the filmmakers themselves made the unusual move of warning potential viewers (via Instagram) of the health risks associated with indoor movie theaters. (“We personally wouldn’t go to an indoor theater, so we

Garmin Index S2 smart scale review


Many of us keep track of our steps and daily activity with our fitness trackers. Smart scales, however, enhance the health tracking experience by offering an easy way to track your weight, BMI, and other important body metrics. If you’re a Garmin user, the obvious choice for your smart scale needs is the new Garmin Index S2.

This new scale is a refresh to the uber-popular Garmin Index, which is now five years old. Since the original’s release, smart scales have become cheap. Really cheap. So, if you’re spending $150 on a smart scale, it better be good. Read

TensorFlow Lite on Andriod for beginners


TensorFlow Lite

Android development is not limited to cute little apps that split the bill in restaurants (that seems to be everyone’s “genius app idea,” or is it just me?). Android is a powerful platform with backing from one of the biggest and most influential companies in the world. A company that is at the forefront of machine learning and considers itself “AI-first.”

Learning TensorFlow Lite for Android lets developers implement advanced machine learning into their creations. This greatly extends an app’s capabilities and introduces countless new potential use-cases. It also teaches invaluable skills that are only going to increase in demand

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