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Data and Communications Technology (ICT) has an essential position in the world since we are now within the information age era. The consultants predicted networked artificial intelligence will amplify human effectiveness but also threaten human autonomy, agency and capabilities. could we live without technology They spoke of the huge-ranging potentialities; that computers would possibly match and even exceed human intelligence and capabilities on duties comparable to complex resolution-making, reasoning and studying, refined analytics and pattern recognition, visual acuity, speech recognition and language translation. They mentioned sensible” techniques in communities, in automobiles, in buildings and utilities, on farms and in business …

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Know-how is an improved path to an unimproved target. Six facial expressing representing completely different feelings are considered inherent. These expressions are happiness, disappointment, shock, anger, worry, and disgust. These expressions are used universally not solely amongst people from completely different cultures but also those born blind and non-human primates. Even though these emotions are thought of to be innate cultural rules about displaying emotion could cause changes to occur in how they are expressed. These cultural guidelines are discovered behaviors that consider completely different social situations when figuring out applicable methods to express emotion (Matsumoto, 2001).

On one side …

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