Can gender-bending Israeli superprawns help feed the world? 

Enlarge / This is actually a male shrimp according to the image info, which we don’t need for this.

Enzootic Ltd

Can a shrimp smile? It’s tough to say whether the gangly, blue-legged crustaceans lurking within the massive aquaculture tanks are actually happy, but they certainly appear to be content. Perhaps it’s because they are well-fed and blissfully unaware of what lies just outside the laboratory: the harsh, dry environment of Israel’s Negev Desert, which is not a natural habitat for any form of aquatic life. It may also be because the tank contains an all-female population, devoid of males,

Great fitness tracker, limited smartwatch


Smartwatches are difficult to get right. Some of Huawei’s past offerings have fallen short, sometimes with respect to software, other times with battery life. Other companies have tried to do too much — putting a tiny smartphone on your wrist — with mixed results. Apple’s WatchOS and Google’s Wear OS certainly offer more tools and features than Huawei’s Lite OS, but is more always better? The Watch GT 2 aims to strip everything superfluous from a smartwatch and nail the basics.

Has Huawei improved its software, or is the Watch GT 2 all show and no go? In Android Authority

How World of Warcraft has evolved with the Internet



“Games are very rapidly solved these days,” says Ion Hazzikostas, the game director of World of Warcraft.

Hazzikostas, known to the World of Warcraft community as Watcher, has developed the 16-year-old massively multiplayer online role-playing game since 2008. On a call with WIRED, he reminisced about how, early in the history of games, before raid walk-through videos, data-mining dumps, and Easter egg maps, opacity was a double-edged sword. To explain, he swerved over to Street Fighter.

“You’d have a whole competitive hierarchy in a local arcade, a local videogame store, where there was some character that was

Google Pixel 4 XL revisited: Should you still buy it?

google pixel 4 xl revisited display

I think it’s fair to say the Google Pixel 4 has been a divisive phone.

In our review of the Pixel 4 and its larger twin, the Pixel 4 XL, we talked about the “untapped potential” that both phones represented as a product of Google’s ever-expanding hardware division. We also questioned the value for money of both devices due to the big G’s continued habit of overpricing its marquee smartphones.

Since its launch in late October 2019, we’ve witnessed the rise of flagships that push well beyond the $1,000 mark, including several phones with obscene camera specs that threaten

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