Rocket Report: Branson sells Virgin Galactic shares, LEGO’s deep-space rocket

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Welcome to Edition 2.44 of the Rocket Report! There’s so much to get to in this week’s report, but we’d like to call special attention to a busy launch weekend with the potential for two launches within 24 hours from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This would set a record for the Cape and it would be cool to see an Atlas V and Falcon 9 take off in such quick succession.

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Apple supplier TSMC confirms it’s building an Arizona chip plant


Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), which makes Apple’s A-series chips, plans to build an advanced chip factory in Arizona. The news was first reported yesterday by The Wall Street Journal and confirmed by TSMC today.

The plant will make 5-nanometer transistor chips for TSMC, which the company has reportedly been testing with customers in Taiwan over the past several months. TSMC says the facility will create over 1,600 “high-tech professional jobs,” with construction due to start in 2021 and production slated to begin in 2024. TSMC says its total spend on the plant will be around $12 billion from

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset review: The strong, silent type


Console gaming is a much bigger market than PC gaming, but oddly enough, gaming headsets don’t really reflect that. PC headsets have tons of features, but no console headset is fully compatible with every platform. Most of the time, even on the intended platforms, gaming headsets don’t offer the same kinds of features as on PC, like surround sound. The PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset doesn’t fix any compatibility issues, but it at least offers a larger feature set than most console offerings.

This wireless gaming headset brings surround sound to the PlayStation 4 for under $100. On paper it’s an

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