Samsung’s mmWave-compatible Galaxy S20 is coming to Verizon on June 4th


Verizon is releasing a new version of the 5G Galaxy S20 on June 4th, which supports its fast, Ultra Wideband millimeter-wave 5G network. The “Samsung Galaxy S20 UW” will be available for preorder on May 21st starting at $41.66 a month for 24 months or $999.99 full retail. In addition to offering support for Verizon’s current mmWave network, it will also support the carrier’s low-band 5G network when that launches later this year.

At launch, all of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 phones — including the S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra — supported 5G in some form. However, until now,

A senior engineer has left SpaceX to work for Relativity Space

Enlarge / Zach Dunn with the Merlin engine that powered the successful fourth flight of the Falcon 1 rocket.

Relativity Space, a California-based company pushing hard toward the inaugural flight of its Terran 1 rocket by the end of 2021, has hired a senior launch official from SpaceX. Zach Dunn, formerly Senior Vice President of Production and Launch at SpaceX, will become Vice President of Factory Development at Relativity.

In joining Relativity, Dunn will work for a company that seeks to build a rocket made almost entirely of 3D-printed parts. And if that goal were not fantastical enough, Relativity also

iOS 14 may have a new AR app that can read Apple-branded QR codes


Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 could have a new augmented reality app that can read Apple-branded QR codes and might have new features baked into the Find My app, according iOS 14 files obtained by former TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine.

That new AR app, called Gobi in these files, could be able to read both more traditional-looking QR codes and an interesting new circular design for QR codes, reports Constine. Constine also shared images of what those QR codes may look like:

Image: Josh Constine

“Files in Gobi included QRs that opened the Mac Pro and Apple Watch websites, the

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