How to use a Python function call


Python function call

In the last post introducing Python, I demonstrated how to make a simple app using variables and conditional statements. In order to do anything really powerful in a given programming language though, you need to understand functions! In this post, we’ll discuss the Python function call.

What is a Python function call?

Before we look at how to call a function in Python, we first need to familiarize ourselves with the concept.

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Functions are used throughout programming as a way to group certain tasks together. This becomes useful in a variety of circumstances,

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 review: perfect for work-from-home life


Microsoft achieved something very impressive with the original Surface Headphones: the company was able to leapfrog veterans of the noise-canceling headphone market (like Bose and Sony) with an ingenious method for controlling them. With a twist of the smooth-turning dial on either ear cup, you could adjust volume and the level of active noise cancellation. It felt instantly intuitive and so satisfying — one of those things that left you wondering how no one else had seized on the idea sooner. But the Surface Headphones fell short when it came to battery life and sound quality. And Microsoft tried to

The story of cheaper batteries, from smartphones to Teslas


Aurich Lawson / Getty

In 2010, a lithium-ion battery pack with 1 kWh of capacity—enough to power an electric car for three or four miles—cost more than $1,000. By 2019, the figure had fallen to $156, according to data compiled by BloombergNEF. That’s a massive drop, and experts expect continued—though perhaps not as rapid—progress in the coming decade. Several forecasters project the average cost of a kilowatt-hour of lithium-ion battery capacity to fall below $100 by the mid-2020s.

That’s the result of a virtuous circle where better, cheaper batteries expand the market, which in turn drives investments that produce further

Four bays are better than two


I recently wanted to get some more storage because the archive footage for my Gary Explains videos had outgrown my current setup. I thought about replacing some internal drives in my PC or maybe adding another external drive (or two). Those would all have been workable solutions, but I had an itch to buy a NAS since I have never owned one before. Buying a NAS would solve my storage problems and allow me to play with a new bit of kit. After buying the NAS and setting it up, I thought it would be good to do a mini

Apple has moved some AirPods Pro manufacturing from China to Vietnam


Some Apple AirPods Pro cases now say the headphones are assembled in Vietnam, according to a Twitter user, multiple reports on the MacRumors forums, and one Verge staffer who recently purchased a pair, indicating the company may be reducing its reliance on Chinese manufacturing (via MacRumors). Typically, AirPods Pro units contain a message on the back of the case that says the device was assembled in China.

Here’s a photo of what the new message looks like:

Photo by Kara Verlaney / The Verge

Apple famously assembles a large majority of its products in China. But

Samsung announces an outdoor 4K TV called the Terrace


Samsung is a dominant force when it comes to TV market share in living rooms, and now, the company wants to extend that success to the outdoors. Today, Samsung is announcing the Terrace, the latest TV in its “lifestyle” family that includes the Serif, Frame, and Sero. The Terrace is designed for outside viewing: it’s IP55 water and dust resistant, and the screen can crank up to a brightness of 2000 nits to help you see everything even when the sun’s out.

If you’re unfamiliar with specialty outdoor TVs, the prices of the Terrace might strike you as wildly

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