Higher quality video on the cheap


At least a half dozen companies are vying for your video doorbell dollars and Arlo is one of them. Similar to Ring, Arlo sells doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras, lighting, and other smart home accessories to tempt the security-minded shopper. The Arlo Video Doorbell costs a bit less than the competition and has a slightly different feature set, including package detection, 2K/4K video quality, and advanced object detection.

Find out if this option is the right one for you in Android Authority‘s Arlo Video Doorbell review.

About this Arlo Video Doorbell review: We evaluated the Arlo Video Doorbell

Outer Worlds on Switch: A monumental, messy conversion on weak hardware


Eight months after its launch on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, The Outer Worlds remains an easy recommendation for a Fallout-caliber single-player adventure (and it’s still part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription). But let’s say you haven’t grabbed the game yet, either because you don’t own those consoles or because you’re waiting for its premiere on PC storefronts like Steam (coming no earlier than this October). Or maybe you just want a portable version.

In that case, is Friday’s launch of a Nintendo Switch port (Amazon, Nintendo eShop) right for you? In our

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