Rocket Report: Brazil opens equatorial launch site, Kerbal launch slips

Enlarge / High winds scrubbed an Electron launch attempt earlier this week.

Welcome to Edition 3.03 of the Rocket Report! Depending on your local time zone, this weekend looks busy in the world of launch, with Electron and Falcon 9 launches potentially occurring within five hours of one another.

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How to manage notifications in macOS


Notifications that pop up on the corner of your Mac’s screen can be really helpful, like when they remind you about a meeting you have coming up. But when you’ve got a deadline or are in the middle of something, notifications for every message or email can be distracting or even annoying.

The good news is that you can easily adjust your settings so that you’re only getting notifications from the apps you want when you want them — and none from those you don’t want. You can also pause notifications whenever you want. Here’s how.

To temporarily pause notifications

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