Android game development for beginners


Android game development

Android game development is a dream job for many people and an exciting hobby for others. The games industry is booming and has been outperforming the film industry for years now. In 2019, the combined industry grew 3% over the previous year, generating a whopping $120.1 billion. The largest share of that pie belonged to mobile games, which generated $64.4 billion!

So whether you’re interested in making money as an indie developer, landing a job at a game development studio, or just creating games for the love of it, there is a big audience out there that is excited

Deepfakes aren’t very good—nor are the tools to detect them

Enlarge / A comparison of an original and deepfake video of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

We’re lucky that deepfake videos aren’t a big problem yet. The best deepfake detector to emerge from a major Facebook-led effort to combat the altered videos would only catch about two-thirds of them.

In September, as speculation about the danger of deepfakes grew, Facebook challenged artificial intelligence wizards to develop techniques for detecting deepfake videos. In January, the company also banned deepfakes used to spread misinformation.

Facebook’s Deepfake Detection Challenge, in collaboration with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and the Partnership on AI, was

120Hz, 5x optical zoom, €499


Realme, the fledgling Oppo sub-brand within the BBK Electronics empire, is on the boil. The company has launched some showstoppers like the X2 Pro alongside more than a few gap-fillers since it appeared a little over two years ago. The X3 Superzoom is the company’s latest entry, this time taking on the mid-range multi-camera competition head first.

Realme, like OnePlus before it, leverages BBK’s economies of scale to deliver the enviable specs sheets it does. In the X3 Superzoom’s case, it also looks to benefit from the pioneering R&D work Oppo has done with periscope cameras. But cheap components

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