How good can a $90 tablet be?


It’s surprising to see the $89.99 Amazon Fire HD 8 launching in 2020. Android tablet numbers have plummeted and most manufacturers don’t even bother making them anymore. iPads have taken the throne with over 60% of the global tablet market as of May 2020, according to Statcounter. The only serious Apple competitor is Samsung, which has a lowly 20.91% share of the market. Then there is Amazon. It has an even lower 5.45% marketshare, and yet it releases tablet after tablet with no end in sight.

Amazon owns the market for low-cost hardware, but that isn’t its only secret

TV writers, like all of us, are developing a love-hate relationship with Zoom

Enlarge / ATX TV’s panel on writers’ room Zooms: From L to R, top row: IndieWire’s Ben Travers (moderator), Sera Gamble (Netflix’s You), Dan Goor (Brooklyn Nine-Nine). Bottom row: Melinda Hsu Taylor (Nancy Drew) and Beth Schwartz (Sweettooth) 

Every week now seems to bring news of another Hollywood project being delayed. Sometimes this is because you can’t make money in an empty theater, but it’s just as often due to production halts in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. While most of that industry hits pause for now, one crucial segment has not—the writers. Like many of us, they’ve

Samsung Blu-ray players reportedly have stopped working but it’s not clear why


Samsung Blu-ray players appear to be malfunctioning for hundreds of users, and no one is sure what the issue is, ZDNet reported. Some users report their Blu-ray players get stuck in an endless reboot loop when they’re switched on, others reported hearing a buzzing noise as if the device is trying to read a disk, but in many cases there’s no disk in the machine.

Some machines are shutting down soon after turning on, and still other users report their devices have become unresponsive to commands and pressing buttons. The issues don’t appear to be confined to one particular

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