An introduction to Kotlin for Android development


Kotlin for Android development

For years, Java was the one official language for Android development. While other options were available through alternative tools like Unity or Xamarin, Java with the Android SDK was still the clear choice for those wanting to learn Android development the “proper” way. Then came Kotlin for Android.

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As of 7 May 2019, Kotlin has been the official “preferred” language for Android development according to Google. It has been available as a built-in feature of Android Studio and an official language for Android for longer than

Iridium plans to launch six satellites on Relativity’s new rocket

Enlarge / An artist’s concept of a Terran 1 rocket launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Relativity Space says it has reached an agreement with Iridium to launch six of the company’s next-generation communications satellites.

Each of the Iridium NEXT satellites, which weigh 850kg, will be launched individually on Relativity’s Terran 1 rocket. This means the new Launch Services Agreement will lead to as many as six Terran 1 missions, beginning no earlier than 2023.

This is the fifth launch-service agreement for Relativity, said Tim Ellis, co-founder of the California-based company. “This agreement represents yet another blue chip company to

iOS 14 needs default app changes beyond just browser and email


Apple made a quiet and significant change to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 this week, allowing users to set default email and browser apps. It’s a move that means iPhone and iPad owners will be able to click on web links or email addresses in any app and have them open in their favorite browser or email client. But that’s as far as Apple’s default apps choices go. Apple will still force everyone to use its own apps for photos, maps, music, messaging, calendars, and more.

Apple’s built-in camera app is great for the basics, but there are so

LG Velvet review: Style points



LG has had a rocky couple of years. While it has undoubtedly been producing phones that play to the interests of its core customers, the company has lost a lot of brand cache. Part of this is due to stagnation in design, some is due to an unwillingness to switch up its software.

With the LG Velvet, the company is attempting to redefine itself in the smartphone space. LG is shedding the G series and V series, instead creating unique product designs with their own identities. But can LG’s first swing at a new style be a home run?

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