Microsoft Surface Book 3 15-inch review: Still unique, still expensive

Microsoft Surface Book 3 facing front on table

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

When I purchased a Surface Book 2 in November 2017, it was the most expensive thing I’d ever bought. It was an upgrade to my stolen Surface Book 1, which I’d picked up second-hand from a seller on Reddit. After using that first Surface Book, I was so into the laptop that I had to have the second generation. Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for Microsoft to update the line once again.

Now, Microsoft has finally released the Surface Book 3. But after so much time, is there enough new here to

Iron Man VR review: A sad, painful end to the PlayStation VR era

Enlarge / This image of Iron Man VR‘s suit-customization interface was provided by SIE, but the actual PSVR experience doesn’t look as crisp. Scroll through the below gallery for more on that.

Sony Interactive Entertainment / Marvel

Maybe it’s time for the virtual reality world to give up on the prospect of licensed superheroes.

The best game in the subgenre (faint praise) is 2016’s brief-and-cute Batman Arkham spinoff, which let early PlayStation VR users play with gadgets and do little else. The worst example is the 2018 Oculus exclusive Marvel Powers United, a dumbed-down, wave-based brawler with

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra seemingly just leaked on Samsung’s own website


Samsung may have just leaked its next flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, with renders of an unreleased Galaxy Note device appearing on the company’s official Russian website, via Ishan Agarwal on Twitter.

While it’s not confirmed yet that the images of the copper-colored phone are actually of Samsung’s new flagship, they definitely do depict an unreleased Galaxy Note phone, with a camera array that features a folded zoom lens and a very similar design to the Galaxy S20 Ultra released earlier this year.

The Verge has confirmed that the images do currently appear on Samsung’s Russian

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