How to install Python on Windows, Mac, or Linux


How to install Python

Credit: Adam Sinicki / Android Authority

Python is one of the most powerful, and beginner-friendly programming languages in the world. It can come as a surprise then, to discover just how complicated it can be to learn how to install python on Linux, Windows, or Mac! With multiple different versions, an interpreter, and multiple different editors and IDEs options to choose from… this can be a bit of a headache!

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Read on then, and we’ll go through how to install Python step-by-step, so that you start coding.

What you will need

When you learn

How to add to a list in Python and more


How to use lists in Python

Credit: Adam Sinicki / Android Authority

A string is a variable that allows you to store multiple variables with an index. This is an extremely powerful tool in programming and one that you will find yourself using again and again. In this post, we’ll see how lists work, how to create them, and how to add to a list in Python!

What are lists?

A list is a collection of variables. Let’s use the example of a string. A string is a variable that stores a string of alphanumeric characters and symbols. This is used to store such things as

aptX support and seamless autoconnect


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