Paper Mario: The Origami King folds the usual RPG tropes into knots

Enlarge / The origami theme adds quite a bit of physical depth to Paper Mario‘s beautiful vast environments.

Of all the spin-offs Mario has starred in over the years, the Paper Mario games (and the related Mario & Luigi series) most ably expanded the character past his basic platforming roots. The familiar characters, locations, and items are still there in Paper Mario titles, but they’re supplemented by completely new settings and situations that often wouldn’t feel out of place in a traditional Japanese RPG. And even the familiar Mario characters get new life in these games, revealing rich interior

How to create a file in Python and more


How to create files in Python

Learning how to create a file in Python will open up a huge number of coding possibilities. This is useful if you want to store user-data to provide consistency between uses. However, it’s also extremely useful for manipulating data, for scraping content, and much more.

The good news is that, as ever, Python makes this process extremely simple.

How to create a file in Python in three lines of code

Use the following code to create a file called “BabyFile.txt” and to write “Hello der!” into it:

myFile = open("BabyFile.txt", "w+")

myFile.write("Hello der!")


As you can see, we declare

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 event: what to expect from the Unpacked keynote


It’s official: Samsung’s next big product launch is happening on August 5th at 10AM ET, and it’ll be a virtual event as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The main product reveal is almost certainly going to be the next phone in Samsung’s Galaxy Note series, its top-of-the-range smartphone lineup that pairs some of the most powerful phone hardware around with a big, beautiful screen and its signature S Pen stylus. Alongside it, however, there are rumors that we might see anything from new earbuds to wearables and even foldables.

Specifically, the current rumors floating around suggest that

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