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Asus is an enormous computer company. It makes nearly every PC component you could think of, from motherboards to RAM to monitors.

However, more recently Asus has become known for gaming. It makes gaming-branded laptops, monitors, mice, and even motherboards, all titled under the ROG (Republic of Gamers) masthead.

It felt only natural when Asus decided to make the ROG Phone in 2018. It was a popular time for gaming phones, with devices such as the Razer Phone and Xiaomi Blackshark offering ramped up specs and unique features that gave mobile gamers a competitive edge. Asus wanted to go even

China set to launch an ambitious lander mission to Mars

Enlarge / On July 17, 2020, a Long March 5 rocket rolls out for the launch of a Mars rover this week.

STR/AFP via Getty Images

On Sunday, an orbiter built by the United Arab Emirates launched to Mars. Next week, possibly as early as Thursday, July 30, NASA will launch is large, 1.05-ton Perseverance rover toward the red planet.

Sandwiched in between these to missions, however, is China’s first interplanetary spacecraft. With its ambitious Tianwen 1 mission, China will attempt to orbit and land on Mars on its first attempt, subsequently deploying a rover. This is significant, because

How to add Python to Path (Windows)


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One of the great things about having Python installed on your Windows machine, is that you can access it from anywhere. Simply pull up a command prompt and you can start entering commands, installing new modules via pip, and feeling like a badass hacker!

In order for this to work though, you need to know how to add Python to PATH. PATH is an environment variable. This is what tells the command line which folders it needs to look in when searching for the file. If Python isn’t added to PATH, then you would need to point CMD directly to

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