How to use loops in Java


Loops in Java

A loop is a structure in programming that allows you to run the same section of code over and over. This can be used when you want to perform an iterative task (like counting, or sorting through a list) or to create an ongoing, cyclical experience for the user (as in a game loop). In this post, we will examine how to use loops in Java.

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For loops in Java

There are three types of loops in Java:

  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Do-while loops

Starting with for loops, this is the best

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: how to preorder


You’ll be able to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 very soon. Samsung recently shared a lot more about its new foldable phone, which you can read right here. Preorders are now available, whether you’re looking for an unlocked model or hoping to upgrade with your carrier. And the phone will be available in less than two weeks’ time on Friday, September 18th.

Like the original Galaxy Fold, its successor is by no means affordable. It costs $1,999.99 unlocked, though you can break it down to comparatively smaller monthly payments if you buy it

Apple, Google, and Amazon respond to European tech taxes by raising prices


For many years, Europe has been unhappy with the tax habits of US tech giants. As regulators and politicians have often noted, these firms make vast amounts of money from European citizens but pay a pittance in tax. In the absence of an overhaul of the global tax system, a number of European nations have introduced new taxes aimed specifically at these companies. And the tech giants are responding by passing on the costs.

Over the last month, for example, Apple, Google, and Amazon have all announced price increases for UK enterprise customers specifically designed to offset a new “

Acer Swift 3 with Ryzen 4700U—a budget laptop punching above its class

Enlarge / The Swift 3 is a Ryzen 7 4700u powered workhorse that offers more performance on a smaller budget than we’ve come to expect.

Jim Salter

Today, we’re going to look at Acer’s new Swift 3 (Ryzen model), a general-purpose budget laptop aimed at anybody looking for a general-purpose laptop. It doesn’t cost a ton of money, it has most of the devices and features most people will look for in a laptop, and it’s equally appropriate for teens who need a school laptop or adults who need an inexpensive work laptop.

We got our first look at a

How to use if statements in Python


How to use if statements in Python

If statements are among the first things you should learn in any programming language, and are required for pretty much any useful code. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to use if statements in Python, so that you can begin building useful apps!

Once you understand this fundamental feature, you’ll open up a whole world of possibilities!

How to use if statements in Python

If you have never programmed before, then make sure to read the next section to find out precisely what an “if statement” is, and how to use it.

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