Rocket Report: Musk updates Super Heavy plan, China to launch spaceplane?

Enlarge / Sound-activated remote camera view as the 12th Starlink mission begins on Thursday, September 3.

Welcome to Edition 3.14 of the Rocket Report! So basically, it’s Pi week for us. Also, you may realize we did not put out a Rocket Report last week—this is because the threat of Hurricane Laura provided an unexpected but significant distraction to the author. But now we’re back with a larger edition than ever.

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Huawei Watch Fit hands on: The skinny Apple Watch


The Huawei Watch Fit looks like what you’d get if you threw a Huawei Band 4 Pro and a Huawei Watch GT 2 into an Apple Watch blender. It’s arguably a more fashion-forward wearable than a traditional fitness tracker or standard smartwatch, but it still packs enough smarts to fit in the “Huawei Watch” line rather than the “Huawei Band” family. Let’s take a closer look.

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Huawei Watch Fit design

Huawei Watch Fit profile on wrist with button

The Huawei Watch Fit will instantly appeal to those who like Huawei’s smartwatch offerings but aren’t into the bulkiness of them. I’m a fan

Realme 7 hands-on: A small step forward


Realme’s rapid iteration in the smartphone space has changed the industry over the last two years. While it is debatable whether releasing a huge number of variants is a great strategy, there’s no doubt it makes it possible to have an option for everyone. Six months after the launch of the Realme 6, the Realme 7 follows it up with a few design changes and other changes to keep it up to date.

Is the Realme 7 a good option for buyers looking for a great new mid-range smartphone? Let’s find out in Android Authority’s first impressions of the

Apple’s new Over Sharing ad reminds us it really wants to be seen as a privacy protector


A man yells in a bus full of people that he browsed eight sites for divorce lawyers. A woman blithely tells her log in information to strangers in a movie house. A pair of coworkers has an unflattering conversation out loud about a nearby colleague (including verbal descriptions of “puke emoji”) and a woman uses a megaphone to broadcast her credit card information to anyone within earshot.

Some of them are embarrassing, some are potential privacy violations, but they’re among the examples in Apple’s new Over Sharing ad, which re-emphasizes the company’s focus — or at least its image —

How to use if statements in Java


Night Keyboard Typing Coding

When I first learned to program, it was grasping if statements that helped it all click into place for me. Once you can use if statements, you can build all kinds of useful and interesting tools. Moreover, this is a basic programming structure that you’ll use in nearly every language.

In this post, we’ll explore how to use if statements in Java.

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Understanding if statements in Java

So, just what is an if statement in Java?

Essentially, an “if statement” is what you use for “flow control.” If statements allow for

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