Tesla shares slump after S&P 500 snub, $5 billion stock sale


Aurich Lawson

Shares of Tesla opened at $356 on Tuesday morning—down about 15 percent from Friday’s closing price. The decline capped a rough week of trading for the carmaker. A week ago Tuesday, Tesla shares opened slightly above $500, a new record. They have been sliding ever since and are now down about 30 percent from last week’s highs.

To be fair, those losses have merely put Tesla’s stock back to the level it last reached in mid-August. Tesla stock soared in the second half of August after the company announced a five-for-one stock split on August 11. The value

Amazon, Apple, and Google’s open-source smart home standard is on track for a 2021 launch


Project Connected Home over IP — the ambitious attempt to bring together Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance with a unified, open-source smart home platform — has just posted its latest update on the project. The group has announced (in the first major update since the standard was revealed) that work on the project is still ongoing, and it’s targeting a 2021 release, along with the first clear idea of what devices the standard is aiming to work with.

The project is still on track to provide a “draft specification” for the new standard by the end of the

How to use for loops in Java


For loops in Java

For loops in Java are just one type of loop that can be used to repeat a code block for iterative operations. If you need to open a text file for example, then you might use a loop to go through each line of the document and print it to the screen.

Likewise, games often use a “game loop” which loops around every time the frame is refreshed to check for inputs and update the positions of enemies, physics items, etc.

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For loops in Java are extremely powerful and lend themselves to

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