The weird and wonderful Flying-V made a successful first flight

Enlarge / Members of the flight test team pose with the Flying-V model in Germany in June 2020.

Malcolm Brown/TU Delft

When it comes to new airplanes, the airline industry rarely strays outside its comfort zone. “A cigar-shaped fuselage atop a pair of wings, with three stabilizers at the back” describes pretty much every airliner in service today. Convergent evolution means there aren’t even very many double-deckers left, and most planes carry their engines under the wings. Which is why the Flying-V is such a breath of fresh air.

We looked at this weird-looking concept a couple of times in

The only folding phone to buy


The Galaxy Z Fold 2 sees Samsung hitting its stride. Building on the foundation set by last year’s imperfect Galaxy Fold, the Z Fold 2 is a better phone in every way. Samsung managed to make meaningful changes big and small that all contribute to a more seamless and enjoyable experience. From the improved outer display, to the bolstered materials and refined build quality, Samsung struck all the right notes in its powerful sequel.

That doesn’t mean the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is perfect, nor is it for everyone. At $2,000 it costs more than many laptops. Is it the

Samsung adds fitness features from Galaxy Watch 3 to Galaxy Watch Active 2 — but still no EKG


The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 was released last year, yet Samsung’s promised heart-tracking EKG feature is still not available to help it compete with the Apple Watch in the US. Instead, Samsung has just released a new update to the watch that adds features that debuted in the newly released Galaxy Watch 3 to the less expensive Active 2 — including the long-rumored fall detection feature which could help if you trip and get seriously injured.

When the Galaxy Watch 3 released last month with the expensive starting price of $399 compared to the Galaxy Watch Active 2’s $250

How to create an array in Java


How to use arrays in Java

An array in Java is a type of variable that can store multiple values. It stores these values based on a key that can be used to subsequently look up that information.

Arrays can be useful for developers to store, arrange, and retrieve large data sets. Whether you are keeping track of high scores in a computer game, or storing information about clients in a database, an array is often the best choice.

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So, how do you create an array in Java? That all depends on the type of array you want

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