Epic says Apple ‘cherry picked’ info about Fortnite’s popularity in new filing


In the ongoing Epic Games vs. Apple saga, Epic says in a new legal filing that Apple made incorrect statements in its own legal filing earlier this week, asserting that Apple “cherry picked” Google search results about the popularity of Epic’s Fortnite game.

Apple had suggested that Epic started the legal fight over Fortnite in the App Store as a publicity stunt, and that Fortnite had already started to decline in popularity:

“For reasons having nothing to do with Epic’s claims against Apple, Fortnite’s popularity is on the wane. By July 2020, interest in Fortnite had decreased by nearly 70%

Spelunky 2 game review: Roguelite perfection

Enlarge / Ana (center) is the star of Spelunky 2, and she’s on a search for her adventuring parents after they abandoned her to look for treasure on the Moon.


My recent work at Ars Technica has mostly revolved around high-end gadgets like VR headsets, GPUs, and next-gen consoles. It’s fun stuff.

But while swimming through embargoed hardware and frantic news announcements, I keep coming back to a single video game well outside the “next-generation” mold.

Spelunky 2 is likely the most “dated” game I’ll slap the “Ars Approved” sticker onto in 2020. The adjective “dated” works in

Honor MagicBook Pro review: Mac-inspired, wallet friendly


Back at IFA 2020, Honor announced a series of new products in its MagicBook laptop line. The range blurs the lines between premium features and more affordable price tags, offering sleek designs and powerful hardware for less than €900/£1000. The Honor MagicBook Pro carries the torch at the higher end of the range.

We’ve had the Honor MagicBook Pro in-house for the last week, and I’ve been using it as my daily workstation during that time. So, let’s find out what this laptop has to offer and whether it’s a worthwhile purchase. This is Android Authority’s Honor MagicBook

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