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What is Microsoft Azure certification?

Azure, also known as Microsoft Azure, is a cloud platform that provides a number of different services for businesses. These include cloud storage, IoT, security, machine learning, containers, database management, and more.

Microsoft Azure certification demonstrates that an IT professional is familiar with these tools and can help employers and clients integrate them into their own workflow. But is Azure certification worth pursuing? What types of certification are available? Read on, and we’ll explore what you need to know.

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A bit about Azure

Azure is one of several competing cloud platforms,

Lenovo swings for the fences with unusual Tiger Lake laptop designs

Enlarge / The X1 Fold is aiming for the same basic target as the Samsung Galaxy Fold—but in a more laptop-ish form factor.


Lenovo is following on Dell’s heels with an announcement of two 13-inch Intel Tiger Lake powered laptops of its own—but Lenovo’s new designs are considerably further “out there” than Dell’s. Lenovo’s two new designs are the X1 Nano—a traditional but ultralight laptop weighing in at less than two pounds—and X1 Fold, a not-exactly-laptop design with a folding screen.
Yes, you read that right—the X1 Fold is to feature a folding LCD display, aiming at the same

FlexiSpot M7B review: A great standing desk converter

FlexiSpot M7B Review Standing Desk Converter with Keyboard Up Head On

There are a whole lot of standing desk converters out there. Generally, you want to get the highest quality unit you can without spending too much cash. FlexiSpot is a California-based company that offers various solutions for enhancing your health while working from home, and this FlexiSpot M7B review is going to give you the info on one of its most popular products.

In essence, the FlexiSpot AlcoveRiser M7B is not much different from most other standing desk converters out there. It allows you to quickly convert your current sitting desk into a standing desk with just the press of

Beats Powerbeats Pro review: Beat it, AirPods


Update, September 28, 2020: This Beats Powerbeats Pro review was updated to address new features with the advent of iOS 14.

Athletic iPhone users search for the best workout earbuds ends with the Beats Powerbeats Pro. These earbuds use Apple’s H1 chip, feature an excellent ear hook design, and are water-resistant. Android users can enjoy these earbuds too and their Class 1 Bluetooth 5.0 support along with angled nozzles that are designed to stay in during your most extreme workouts.

What are the Beats Powerbeats Pro like?

Beats Powerbeats Pro in charging case, aerial view.

These are how true wireless earbuds should have been designed from the start.

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