Eero’s Wi-Fi 6 mesh router bundle is back down to its Black Friday price


Black Friday 2020 saw many great deals, especially on Eero’s products. If you are looking to improve your Wi-Fi situation at home, Amazon and Best Buy have the Eero 6 mesh router three-pack (which includes one mesh router and two extenders) back down to its Black Friday price of $223, a nice drop from its usual cost of $279.

When planning your setup, keep in mind that while the Eero 6 mesh router includes two Ethernet ports, the two Eero 6 extenders that come in this bundle do not include any. Alternatively, you can buy two Eero 6 routers for

Xiaomi denies ties to China’s military, calls US ruling “unconstitutional”


Pavlo Gonchar / Getty Images

One of the Trump administration’s last acts in mid-January was to declare Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi a “Communist Chinese military company.” The ruling from the Department of Defense (which is different from the Department of Commerce’s export ban against Huawei) bans US citizens from holding Xiaomi stock or other investments starting March 15, 2021. This weekend, Xiaomi posted a response to the ruling, which came in the form of legal complaints to the US Defense and Treasury Departments.

Xiaomi’s complaint is now addressed to the new

Samsung drops Galaxy Z Flip 5G price $250, but it’s still expensive


Samsung has dropped the price of its folding flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip 5G, by $250. It’s now $1,199.99, which, on its face, looks like a fairly big drop from its original asking price of $1,449.99 in July 2020.

However, there are two things to keep in mind about the price change. First, this phone is about six months old and is the same design as the non-5G version released last February. Samsung phones are famous for seeing early and aggressive deals; now that trend is hitting its folding phones, too. So while a price drop

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