Scientific community on report of a strange chemical at Venus: Probably not


In September of last year, a paper announced a startling finding: evidence that a highly unstable chemical is present in the atmosphere of Venus. Since the chemical is expected to be destroyed rather quickly in the Venusian environment, its presence seems to imply that there was a steady source of the chemical, somehow feeding it into the atmosphere of the planet. Looking over the components of that atmosphere, the researchers concluded there’s no obvious way of producing it, which creates a mystery.

Since the chemical, called phosphine (PH3), had already been suggested as a possible sign of

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review second opinion: A wolf in wolf’s clothing


Apex predators stand out for a variety of reasons. They are often signified by their sharp fangs or claws, aggressive behavior, and stealthy approach to their prey. Samsung, long one of the top dogs in the smartphone market, is taking a similar tack with its latest flagship, the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The phone has a sharp design, aggressive camera module, and hidden strength thanks to specs that kill. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is: an apex predator in the smartphone kingdom where it slays much of the competition.

After using …

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review revisited: Six months later

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra back cameras semi macro

Credit: David Imel / Android Authority

Here at Android Authority, our readers love Galaxy Note phones. In 2020, AA readers voted the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as the best overall phone of the year. In fact, the 2019 readers’ choice was the Note 10 Plus, and the 2018 winner was the Note 9. The Note love is strong here.

We gave the phone a ton of praise too back when it launched last August. However, that was six months ago. Since then, a lot has changed within the world of smartphones. Our readers are likely

Someone modded a Game Boy Color to act as a much better Apple TV remote


Most people who have used the Apple TV Siri remote have probably craved something that isn’t so darn frustrating to use — but most of us haven’t modded a Game Boy Color to work as one (via Gizmodo). That’s exactly what Italian YouTuber Otto Climan did, and while his project looks sleek as all get-out, it’s surprising how well it works using the Game Boy’s original hardware.

Wow, that custom case.
Photo by Otto Climan

That screen is looking nice.
Photo by Otto Climan

First off, we have to talk about the case he used. It was

The Arctic Ocean may have gone fresh in ice age times


The Arctic Ocean is many things. Cold and icy come to mind, of course, but “salty” should as well—it’s an ocean, after all. Yet a new study suggests that during certain ice age periods, the Arctic Ocean and the adjacent Greenland and Norwegian Seas (you can guess where those are if you don’t know) were filled with freshwater.

The paleo evidence for this idea is pretty subtle. The isotope thorium-230 is produced from the decay of uranium-234, which exists in seawater proportionally to its salinity. While the uranium dissolves in seawater, thorium tends to precipitate and fall to the seafloor.

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