Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro review: good sound at the wrong price


Razer’s Hammerhead True Wireless Pro earbuds are a major improvement over the company’s first pair of true wireless earbuds. They’ve switched from an open-air design to a sealed fit; have better sound, thanks to that decision (and a partnership with THX); and they offer adequate active noise cancellation. Razer has thrown in a generous heap of ear tips (including Comply foam), and there’s also a low-latency gaming mode to keep the earbuds in sync with your mobile gaming.

But the main stumbling block with Razer’s new earbuds is price. At $200, the Hammerhead True Wireless Pros face a tough mix

Fossil Gen 5 LTE review: The best LTE smartwatch?


We’ve been singing the praises of the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch since its release in 2019. At launch, we had a few complaints about the watch, one of which was its lack of LTE connectivity. It took a few years, but Fossil has finally launched a new version of its flagship smartwatch with the ability to connect to a mobile network. This is Android Authority’s Fossil Gen 5 LTE review.

About this Fossil Gen 5 LTE review: I used the Fossil Gen 5 LTE for one week running Wear OS version H-MR1 on the August 1, 2020 security patch. It

Oldest DNA from poop contains a Neanderthal’s microbiome

Enlarge / El Salt is an open-air rock shelter nestled against the base of a limestone cliff. Archaeological evidence tells us that Neanderthals lived here from around 60,700 to 45,200 years ago.

Candela et al. 2021

Biologist Marco Candela and his colleagues recently sequenced ancient microbial DNA from 50,000-year-old Neanderthal feces found at the El Salt archaeological site in Spain. The sequences included DNA from several of the microbes that still call our intestines home, as well as a few that have nearly vanished from today’s urban dwellers. According to Candela and his colleagues, their results suggest that the microscopic

iOS 14.5 lets you set Spotify and others as Siri’s default music service


iOS 14.5 looks like it will be packed with features, including the ability to use your Apple Watch to unlock an iPhone with Face ID while you’re wearing a mask and support for next-gen console controllers. But users who have already installed the beta discovered another great feature: you’ll be able to select a third-party default music service when you ask to play a song using Siri — including Spotify (via MacRumors).

When you ask Siri to play a song on iOS 14.5, you may be prompted to select which app you want to use to play

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