Bose’s best over-ear headphones are $150 off refurbished at eBay


eBay is hosting a President’s Day sale specifically on refurbished products. One of the best offers we’ve spotted is for Bose’s over-ear Noise Canceling 700 Headphones. These normally sell for $380, but you can get a certified refurbished pair for just $224 (before tax) by putting in the code PREZDAY20 at checkout. This is an exciting deal because each color is currently available, and Bose is the seller here, so it has handled the refurbishment process.

On the page, it says that each set of headphones is in “pristine, like-new condition” and that it’ll be “in new packaging with

Huawei tells Biden administration it’s not a security threat, files lawsuit


Bloomberg | Getty Images

The Trump administration spent the last two years going to war with Huawei, calling the company a national security risk due to its alleged ties with the Chinese government. An executive order barred companies (even international companies) from selling Huawei hardware or software that contained US technology, and additional restrictions on trade with Huawei have made it extremely difficult for the company to keep building networking equipment and smartphones. It has been a tough few years for Huawei, but now that the Biden administration is in charge,

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