The best cyber security courses


The best cyber security courses

The best cyber security courses can advance your career, build a futureproof resume, and even help you protect your own personal data.

Cyber security specialist is arguably one of the more glamorous roles for an IT professional. Hollywood has a fascination with cyber warfare and the idea of large companies being “hacked” by malicious-yet-ingenious bad guys in their basements. This is a battle of the minds, with the most precious commodity of the 21st century at stake: information.

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Of course, we all know that Hollywood has embellished

How to use AWS – a simple guide for beginners


How to use AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s powerful, market-leading solution for cloud computing. The platform offers a suite of products for businesses: security, cloud backup, machine learning, IoT solutions, and more. In this post, we will explore how to use AWS.

What you need to know

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses may assume that AWS is not for them. Perhaps the pricing will be too prohibitive, or it will require too much technical know-how.

While both of these issues certainly do crop up from time-to-time, the truth is that Amazon’s offerings are extremely wide-reaching and include options at many different price

The best Google Cloud courses to future-proof your resume


The Complete Google Cloud Mastery Bundle

Google Cloud certification demonstrates proficiency using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The best Google Cloud courses prepare you for these exams so you can add the certification to your resume quickly and on your first try.

The Google Cloud Platform is a suite of tools hosted on the cloud that businesses can use to enhance their own services. These include cloud storage, security, user profiles, machine learning, database management, IoT, and more.

With Google Cloud certification, IT professionals will open doors in their careers and potentially command a higher salary.

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AWS Free Tier: what is it and who qualifies?


AWS Free Tier

With AWS Free Tier, even the smallest businesses and developers can benefit from powerful cloud infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform that provides businesses with a wide range of powerful online tools. These include tools to increase security, backup data, handle machine learning tasks, synchronize accounts across numerous devices, and much more. In short, companies use AWS to provide services that they could not otherwise.

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But here’s the good news: many of these services are free thanks to the “AWS free tier.”

In many cases, these services come with severe restrictions

An introduction to Android GPU Inspector


Android GPU Inspector

If you want your game or app to stand out in the Google Play Store, having incredible graphics is one of the surest strategies. In fact, many users download games purely for their graphical fidelity – especially if their handset is new and they want to see what it can do!

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Finding tricks to eek the most performance possible out of a device can therefore be very useful. Fortunately, Google and its partners provide many tools for the job, including Android GPU Inspector.

What is AGI?

What is Google Cloud certification and should I get it?


Google Cloud certification

Google Cloud certification demonstrates an individual’s proficiency using Google Cloud technologies. It shows that a service provider or prospective employee can maintain and implement Google Cloud services and products into a company’s workflow. These skills are highly sought after and may lead to improved job prospects and salary.

To learn more about Google Cloud certification, keep reading!

What is Google Cloud?

Google Cloud, or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), is a cloud platform or “Infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS). As such, GCP offers a broad range of services and products that businesses can use to improve the products and services they

What is Google Cloud? – Android Authority


What is Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GPC) is, as it’s clear from its name, a cloud platform, or an “Infrastructure as a Service” (Iaas). This means it offers a suite of tools, services, and apps that businesses can use to enhance productivity and workflow. Those include cloud storage and backup, database management, developer tools, IoT, analytics, machine learning, and more.

In this post, we will attempt to fully answer these questions: what is Google Cloud? Is Google Cloud certification a worthwhile investment for professionals? Does the Google Cloud Platform offer the services your business needs? Let’s find out.

An introduction to Google Cloud

What is Azure certification? – Android Authority


What is Microsoft Azure certification?

Azure, also known as Microsoft Azure, is a cloud platform that provides a number of different services for businesses. These include cloud storage, IoT, security, machine learning, containers, database management, and more.

Microsoft Azure certification demonstrates that an IT professional is familiar with these tools and can help employers and clients integrate them into their own workflow. But is Azure certification worth pursuing? What types of certification are available? Read on, and we’ll explore what you need to know.

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A bit about Azure

Azure is one of several competing cloud platforms,

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