Apple’s iPhone 12 seems to have a secret reverse wireless charging feature


Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup has the ability to wirelessly charge an external accessory, according to a series of newly unveiled FCC filings that just went public yesterday. The documents first spotted by VentureBeat’s Jeremy Horwitz say the phone “supports a built-in inductive charging transmitter and receiver.” Apple has not officially announced any such functionality that could be used to charge future AirPods or Apple’s long rumored Tile-competitor dubbed “AirTags.”

“In addition to being able to be charged by a desktop WPT [wireless power transfer] charger (puck), 2020 iPhone models … also support WPT charging function at 360 kHz

Apple’s AirPods Pro are $200 at Amazon and B&H Photo today


You can grab the AirPods Pro for just $200 at Amazon and B&H Photo today. Normally, these wireless earbuds cost $249. While this is not the lowest price we have seen Apple’s flagship earbuds sell for, it’s still a good deal. Unlike the standard AirPods, the Pro model features silicone tips, allowing for a more customizable fit for your ears in addition to better sound quality and active noise cancellation.

AirPods Pro

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Apple’s flagship earbuds with better sound quality, noise cancellation, and spatial audio. Now $200 at Amazon and B&H Photo while supplies last.

SpaceX Starlink public beta begins: It’s $99 a month plus $500 up front

Enlarge / A SpaceX Starlink user terminal/satellite dish.

SpaceX has begun sending email invitations to Starlink’s public beta and will charge beta users $99 per month plus a one-time fee of $499 for the user terminal, mounting tripod, and router. The emails are being sent to people who previously registered interest in the service on the Starlink website. One person in Washington state who got the email posted it on Reddit. Another person who lives in Wisconsin got the Starlink public-beta invitation and passed the details along to Ars via email.

SpaceX is calling it the “Better Than

Bringing affordable 5G to everyone


Most of the 5G phones released over the course of the last year suffer from what some have termed the “5G tax.” In other words, they cost an absurd amount of money and at least some of that absurdity is being blamed on the presence of 5G. Adding 5G as a feature, it seems, means the price should go up. The TCL 10 5G UW is here to democratize 5G. With its sub-$400 price point, most people should be able to afford it and the 5G features on board.

Is 5G worth the hype at this price level? We’re here

With turbopump issues “sorted out,” BE-4 rocket engine moves into production

Enlarge / A BE-4 rocket engine undergoes tests in West Texas.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin appears to have solved some development issues related to the turbopumps in its powerful BE-4 rocket engine.

United Launch Alliance chief executive Tory Bruno said Friday that the problem was “sorted out,” and that the full-scale, flight-configured BE-4 engine is now accumulating a lot of time on the test stand. Bruno made his comments about one hour into The Space Show with David Livingston.

Bruno’s company, ULA, is buying the BE-4 engine to provide thrust for the first stage of its upcoming Vulcan-Centaur rocket

Apple reportedly plans revamped AirPods for as early as next year


Apple is developing revamped versions of its AirPods and AirPods Pro true wireless earbuds, Bloomberg reports, the first of which could be announced as early as next year. Both will reportedly feature new designs, as well as upgraded wireless chips. Bloomberg also notes that Apple’s long-rumored over-ear headphones are still in development, and that the company has internally discussed plans to introduce a third HomePod speaker to sit between the $299 HomePod and the newly-announced $99 HomePod mini.

According to the report, Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro could ditch the stem that has been a hallmark of the AirPods’ design

The best cyber security courses


The best cyber security courses

The best cyber security courses can advance your career, build a futureproof resume, and even help you protect your own personal data.

Cyber security specialist is arguably one of the more glamorous roles for an IT professional. Hollywood has a fascination with cyber warfare and the idea of large companies being “hacked” by malicious-yet-ingenious bad guys in their basements. This is a battle of the minds, with the most precious commodity of the 21st century at stake: information.

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Of course, we all know that Hollywood has embellished

Lamborghini’s Huracán Evo RWD is made for maximum fun, not lap times


Noble lineage

In many ways, the Huracán Evo RWD can be considered the offspring of the LP 580-2 and Performante, taking the former’s rear-drive approach to performance and blending it with a number of the upgrades that were introduced in the latter. Output is up to 610hp (455kW) thanks to a Performante-derived iteration of the naturally aspirated, 5.2-liter V10 and its raucous center-mounted exhaust system. Meanwhile, removing the front differential hardware takes roughly 75lbs (34kg) off of the front end of the car versus a standard Huracán Evo.

There’s also 73-percent more downforce on tap here versus an LP

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