Coronavirus: Is it too much to ask for an actual plan?

Enlarge / To call the government’s response to the pandemic unsteady would be an understatement.

In difficult and frightening times, it’s normal for a certain amount of confusion and misinformation to spread. The existence of social media and hyperpartisan “news” outlets undoubtedly exacerbate the problem, but even those are just exaggerated versions of things that have been with us for some time.

But two things make the torrent of coronavirus misinformation distinct. The first one is simple: much of the misinformation starts at the top, where President Donald Trump seems willing to say whatever crosses his mind when he finds

Feds decline to release list of 147 nursing homes stricken by coronavirus


Two federal agencies, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), have a list of 147 nursing homes where at least one resident has contracted COVID-19. But The Washington Post reports that the agencies are refusing to release this list to the public.

“According to CDC data shared with CMS, 147 nursing homes across 27 states have at least one resident with COVID-19,” the CMS wrote in the sixth paragraph of a Monday press release about increased nursing home inspections. But when the Post asked the CMS for the list, the agency referred

Hold ’em or fold ’em?

A note on this Huawei Mate Xs review: I used the Mate Xs for 12 days in Berlin, Germany. It was running Android 10 with the February 2020 security patch. The Mate Xs review unit was provided to Android Authority by Huawei.

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When we first saw the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X in early 2019, the Mate X’s “outie” form factor is the one I preferred in principle (I wasn’t the only one). It required fewer cameras than the Galaxy Fold, functioned like any other regular phone when closed, and didn’t necessitate a notch. I

New attack on home routers sends users to spoofed sites that push malware


A recently discovered hack of home and small-office routers is redirecting users to malicious sites that pose as COVID-19 informational resources in an attempt to install malware that steals passwords and cryptocurrency credentials, researchers said on Wednesday.

A post published by security firm Bitdefender said the compromises are hitting Linksys routers, although BleepingComputer, which reported the attack two days ago, said the campaign also targets D-Link devices.

It remains unclear how attackers are compromising the routers. The researchers, citing data collected from Bitdefender security products, suspect that the hackers are guessing passwords used to secure routers’ remote management console

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company is donating 10 million masks to healthcare workers in the US


Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted Saturday that the company was donating “millions of masks for health professionals in the US and Europe,” to help combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. Cook’s tweet appears to confirm a statement earlier in the day by Vice President Mike Pence.

“The president and I literally heard directly from Apple that they’re donating 2 million industrial masks to this effort around the country and working with our administration to distribute those,” Pence said at a White House press briefing. A later briefing from Pence on March 24th would expand that number to 9 million

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab A offers LTE connectivity


Samsung has just refreshed the Galaxy Tab A , and the new model costs just $279.. It features an 8.4-inch screen, a 5,000mAh battery, and LTE connectivity.

The tablet is available now for $279. Samsung is currently shipping the Verizon model, but it says the tablet will be available through AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular in the coming weeks.


Samsung has made a few other updates from last year’s 8-inch Galaxy Tab A: the new tablet includes a 5MP front camera (the 8-inch model had a 2MP shooter), a main display resolution of 1920 x 1080 (last

Samsung’s S10 and Note 10 are getting updated with the S20’s best camera features


Samsung is bringing a host of the Galaxy S20’s new camera and software features to last year’s Galaxy S10 and Note 10 lineups in a software update, the company announced today. The new features include camera functionality like Single Take and Night Hyperlapse, as well as new gallery and sharing features. Samsung didn’t provide an exact date for the update’s release, but said that it would be rolling out to select markets, including the US, “in the coming weeks.”

We were particularly impressed with Single Take when we tried it out on the Galaxy S20 Ultra. The feature

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus review: Buy this one


Update: March 25, 2020: We have updated our Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus review with details on price drops, a camera app update, and more.

If you’re a power user, you’re probably familiar with Samsung’s Galaxy S phones; specifically, the top-of-the-line Plus variants. This year, the Galaxy S20 line comes in three flavors, and the Plus model isn’t at the top. We’ve already reviewed the top-tier Galaxy S20 Ultra, and spoiler alert: most people shouldn’t buy it. Insane price tag aside, it’s just too big.

That’s why the Galaxy S20 Plus is so important. It still achieves power

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