8 great Apple Arcade games for your new 2020 iPhone or iPad


This time last year, Apple Arcade was still a fledgling service, but one with a lot of potential. For $5 a month, you could get unlimited access to a big library of interesting games, the kind that no one really sells in the App Store anymore. It’s still not a place to find the latest blockbusters, but Arcade has steadily evolved into one of the best deals in gaming. Its lineup of games is varied and consistently surprising, with everything from family-friendly multiplayer games to engrossing puzzlers to weird story-driven adventures.

If you just picked up a new

Activist hedge fund advises Intel to outsource CPU manufacturing


Andrew Cunningham

Activist hedge fund Third Point has taken a stake of nearly $1 billion in Intel and called on the chipmaker to consider shedding its manufacturing operations, throwing a core part of its strategy into question.

The firm with $15 billion in assets run by Daniel Loeb made a number of demands in a letter sent to Intel’s chairman Omar Ishrak on Tuesday and seen by the Financial Times.

In the letter, Mr Loeb said that Intel was “once the gold standard for innovative microprocessor manufacturing” but had fallen behind manufacturing competitors in East Asia such as TSMC and

Private party app pulled from App Store by Apple


Hinterhaus Productions | Getty Images

Despite over 82 million cases and over 1.75 million deaths due to COVID-19, many people are bound and determined to carry on with normal life. For some, that includes attending Saturday night ragers, just like they did in the Before Times. Reports of yet another secret party being broken up by law enforcement have become distressingly common.

Getting guests for these secret parties is at least slightly more difficult now that Apple has pulled Vybe Together—an app with a tagline that invited users to “get their party on”—from the App Store. The Verge pointed out

Samsung’s One UI 3.0 update starts rolling out to Galaxy Note 10 devices


Samsung’s One UI 3.0 update has started hitting older Samsung devices, starting with the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus, according to SamMobile. The update, which brings Android 11-specific feature changes and some small visual and interface tweaks to Samsung smartphones, is only arriving on last year’s Note 10 devices in Germany, Spain, and Switzerland for now, but a wider release is expected at some point early next year if not in just a few weeks.

Samsung first began beta testing One UI 3.0 this past fall following the release of Android 11, and it’s been at

Apple loses early challenge in Corellium copyright lawsuit


Apple has lost an early challenge in its lawsuit against Corellium, a security firm that offers a virtualized version of iOS for security testing.

Ruling on a motion for summary judgment in the US District Court for Southern Florida, US District Judge Rodney Smith has dismissed Apple’s copyright infringement claim over Corellium’s software, finding that Corellium’s use of Apple code constituted fair use. Smith deferred ruling on a separate Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) charge, but the result is still a significant setback for the iPhone manufacturer’s legal case. The news was first reported by The Washington Post.


The 20 Best Accessories and MagSafe Gear for the iPhone 12

Enlarge / Belkin’s 3-in-1 MagSafe charging stand is elegant, and capable, charging three Apple devices at once.

Corey Gaskin

The new iPhone 12 lineup has more options than ever, with three new models at a variety of sizes. All of these are equipped with the new MagSafe technology, which means faster-than-usual wireless charging and some unique iPhone 12 accessories coming down the pike.

We spent the past few weeks testing some of this new MagSafe gear and can confirm that it is indeed nice to have more convenient wireless charging and built-in magnets on the iPhone. Our roundup below includes

Detailed Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus specs leaked


We’ll likely see a formal Samsung Galaxy S21 announcement on January 14th, but thanks to a raft of detailed specs from WinFuture and an assortment of previous leaks, there won’t be much to speculate about until then. Heck, you can even go ahead and reserve a preorder if you like what you see.

This leak confirms some details that have surfaced previously, like the move from displays that curved slightly around the device edges to totally flat panels, and a redesigned camera bump that melds into the edges of the phone. WinFuture manages to identify a few new details

Like Titan, Pluto’s atmosphere is hazy, but for a different reason

Enlarge / Pluto’s atmosphere is fairly hazy.

Saturn’s moon Titan is distinctive, in part for its orange-ish and hazy atmosphere. It’s virtually impossible to see surface features because the haze is so opaque in the visible portion of the spectrum; what we know of it comes from things like radar imagery, instead. The haze is the product of chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere, driven by ultraviolet radiation. These then cascade into larger and more complex organic (reminder: that doesn’t mean biological) molecules.

The New Horizons mission to Pluto showed that the dwarf planet, too, has a haze. It’s less

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