How to reverse a list in Python – 3 easy ways!


How to reverse a list in Python

Knowing how to reverse a list in Python is a trick that can come in handy surprisingly often. In this post, we’ll look at a few ways you can do it!

How to reverse a list in Python the easy way

In Python, a list is a variable that stores multiple other variables. This is useful if you ever need to store a list of contacts, a list of options, or anything else in your app. Check out our detailed guide to using lists in Python here:

The good news is that reversing lists in Python is extremely simple. That’s

Comprehensive Python beginner’s guide – Android Authority


Python Code

Python is an almost universally loved programming language that many developers profess to be their “favorite” way to code. That’s thanks to Python’s clear and simple syntax, logical structure, and forgiven flexibility. All these things also ensure that Python is the perfect choice for beginners and remains one of the quickest languages to learn.

Then there’s the flexibility and usefulness of the language. Python is often listed among the top programming languages frequently sought after by employers, and this demand is expected to grow due to its role in machine learning, data science, and cyber security. Python is

Avengers video game beta impressions: Destiny, this ain’t

Enlarge / Avengers, assemble. (All images from this article were captured from real PS4 Pro gameplay, so this is how the Avengers look in their new 2020 video game.)

Crystal Dynamics / Square Enix

After over a year of rumors, teases, and reveals, we have finally played the upcoming Avengers video game, slated to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on September 4. It’s arguably the biggest Avengers-themed game ever made, in part thanks to a massive effort by developers Crystal Dynamics (makers of the modern Tomb Raider trilogy). Many of you will soon get to play the

Apple Maps’ Look Around feature gets first international expansion


Look Around, the Apple Maps feature that provides 360-degree views of locations at ground level, is starting to expand outside the US. Unusually for Apple, it’s coming to Japan before anywhere else, and is now live in four cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto. The update was spotted by Ata Distance.

Look Around is essentially Apple’s answer to Google’s Street View. You can bring it up in supported areas by tapping the binoculars icon, which initially displays the Look Around view in an expandable pop-up window. The transitions between photos are smoother than in Street View, which helps

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