Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra hands-on: Flagship status earned


Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra this week, the company’s professional-grade flagship phone for the year. The two phones carry forward the Note brand in style, with top-notch materials, high-level specs, and sultry sex appeal to boot. What is it like to use these phones? Samsung lent us the larger Galaxy Note 20 Ultra so we can offer you our thoughts.

Find out if first impressions are as important as they say in the Android Authority Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra hands-on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Bigger, better, and pricier

Samsung’s Galaxy Note line has

Sony WH-1000XM4 review: the best noise-canceling headphones get better


Sony released its superb WH-1000XM3 noise-canceling headphones in 2018, and they still frequently top lists for the best noise-canceling headphones you can buy. But competitors haven’t been sitting idle: Bose’s Noise Canceling Headphones 700 are neck and neck with Sony for noise cancellation and have better microphones for voice calls. Microsoft’s Surface Headphones 2 have more intuitive controls, and smaller companies like Jabra are releasing impressive noise-canceling headphones at lower prices. Even Apple is rumored to be at work on its own premium set of headphones.

But to fend off its rivals, Sony has returned with the new $349.99 1000XM4

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review: Beans battle Apple


Get your can openers ready, because the beans are finally here. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have garnered a great deal of attention for their kidney bean shape, and these buds immediately separate themselves from the swarm of AirPods dopplegangers. Many believe Samsung bit off more than it can chew with the Galaxy Buds Live, so we’re going to see how these open-fit, noise-cancelling earbuds perform in the real world. Grab those spoons: it’s time to dig in.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds that make a statement

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are the third-generation of Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus hands-on: A cunning copycat


Samsung refreshed its flagship tablet line this week with the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. The Tab S line is Samsung’s professional-grade slate meant to work as hard as it plays. You can read all the nitty-gritty announcement details here. Samsung lent us the Tab S7 Plus for a few days so we can offer our hands-on impressions of the device. 

Find out what we think in the Android Authority Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus hands-on. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Bigger and better

With the new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review: good sound, unique design


Samsung should’ve called these things the Galaxy Beans. What a missed opportunity. With that out of the way, let’s talk about the new Galaxy Buds Live. The company’s latest true wireless earbuds and their unconventional design have leaked extensively over the last few months, and I’ve had many questions along the way. How do you achieve noise cancellation with earbuds that don’t seal in your ears? Can this bean shape possibly feel comfortable?

The $169.99 Buds Live have a style all their own. They’re super reflective in the bronze color, which can look more rose gold in some lighting. But

TikTok deal tests Microsoft’s decades of China experience


Cindy Ord | Getty Images

More than two decades of efforts by Microsoft to put down roots in China may soon bring a partial pay-off, if it succeeds in steering through the purchase of TikTok’s US business.

But as relations between the US and China continue to deteriorate, the software company’s long-term bet on the Chinese market is also facing its most uncertain period yet.

Microsoft’s involvement in the Chinese tech world, dating from its creation of a research centre in Beijing in the late 1990s, has left it with important personal connections. Zhang Yiming, the founder of ByteDance, the

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