Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 2, Tab S7, and Tab S7 Plus are available now


Samsung’s latest foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold 2, and its newest tablets, the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 Plus, are now available to purchase. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 costs $1,999, the Galaxy Tab S7 starts at $649.99, and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus starts at $849.99.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a number of improvements intended to make the phone more durable than its predecessor, including an ultra-thin glass screen and a stronger hinge. The foldable also has larger inner and cover screens as well as five cameras: a triple-camera system on the back and

Comcast shut off Internet to hundreds, saying they were illegally connected


Comcast says that a broadband reseller illegally sold Comcast Internet service in residential buildings in the Denver area and has terminated the connections to those buildings.

As reported by Denver7 this week, the shutoff affected hundreds of people who live in buildings serviced by AlphaWiFi, “which installs and services Internet in approximately 90 apartment buildings across Denver.” The shutoff came as a surprise to residents, including Kaley Warren, who has been working at home during the pandemic.

“It is my entire lifeline,” said Warren, who said that without warning last Friday, her Internet service disappeared. “I felt lost.

Apple’s new eighth-gen iPad and the latest Apple Watches are available today


Apple has launched three new products today, following their announcement just a few days ago at the company’s “Time Flies” event. You can now order the $329 eighth-generation iPad, the $399 Apple Watch Series 6, and the $279 Apple Watch SE from its online store. The redesigned iPad Air with USB-C charging won’t arrive until October.

Speaking of October, Apple’s site says if you place an order today, you can expect them to be delivered during the first or second week of next month. That’s kind of a long wait, especially if you’re excited to upgrade. So I’d recommend

The best AWS courses for professionals


Ultimate Microsoft SQL Certification Bundle

AWS courses aim to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to attain AWS certification. This, in turn, provides IT professionals with demonstrable skills that are widely sought after by employers. One survey conducted in 2018, suggested that AWS certification could increase a professional’s average salary by 20% on average.

Also read: What is AWS certification?

AWS stands for “Amazon Web Services.” This is the most widely used cloud platform in the world, with a roughly 33% market share for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Companies use the 175+ services provided by Amazon to handle storage, database management, IoT, security, machine

LG Wing hands-on: A new kind of dual-screen (Video!)


In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a slew of devices with weird and wonderful new form factors. We’ve seen more traditional foldable devices like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, a new dual-screen experiment in the form of the Microsoft Surface Duo, and now, LG is getting in the game with a phone that physically swivels to reveal a second display.

This is the LG Wing.

Wait, swivel how?

LG Wing open home screens 1

The LG Wing can physically rotate its display 90 degrees, resulting in a landscape-oriented display up top with a smaller square-shaped display underneath. The top display is much

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