LGR’s Clint Basinger plumbs the depths of retro-computing—and his YouTube comments


Produced by Vara Reese, edited by Ron Douglas. Click here for transcript.

Retro-tech YouTube is an awesome place to lose months and months of time—it’s a place where awesome creators like The 8-Bit Guy and Techmoan ply their wares, tempting viewers with in-depth discussions of decades-old technology. My personal favorite retro-tech channel to fall into, though, is LGR, or “Lazy Game Reviews,” hosted by the smooth-voiced Clint Basinger.

LGR has been reliably churning out videos (often set to smooth jazz) for more than a decade, running the gamut from game reviews to industry retrospectives to… whatever this is

Microsoft’s new Outlook for Mac design launches in October


Microsoft has been testing a new Outlook for Mac design over the past year, and it’s now ready to roll out to all users next month. The new design includes Microsoft’s Fluent icons, rounded corners, and changes to make the email app ready for macOS Big Sur.

Microsoft’s Ribbon interface has been removed, and everything looks a lot cleaner. It’s a hybrid of Apple’s macOS design and Microsoft’s own Fluent design. Reading and writing emails have been improved with single-line views, a new mail compose UI, and even a feature to ignore emails. Panels are also collapsible so it makes

Fitbit Sense review: A good Apple Watch alternative?


The smartwatch landscape is growing more health-focused every year. ECG monitors and pulse oximeters are becoming more commonplace in 2020, and Fitbit is attempting to keep up with the crowd with its new smartwatch, the Fitbit Sense. Fitbit’s top-tier smartwatch delivers a lot of what we’ve been asking for, and some things that still need some tweaking. Read our full Fitbit Sense review to learn more.

About this Fitbit Sense review: I used the Fitbit Sense for seven days running software version The Fitbit Sense review unit was provided to Android Authority by Fitbit.

Design: A+

fitbit sense review design display watch face on wrist2

The Fitbit Sense

Honor Watch GS Pro review: The 25-day rugged smartwatch?


The Honor Watch GS Pro is basically a Huawei Watch GT 2 with a much bigger battery. Given the connection between the two brands, this isn’t much of a surprise, but it’s far from a “new” smartwatch. The main difference is that the GS Pro has a chunky exterior (which I love) and a massive battery (which I wish deserved my love). This is the Honor Watch GS Pro review.

About this Honor Watch GS Pro review: I’ve been wearing the GS Pro for a week now, paired to version of the Huawei Health app over a Bluetooth connection.

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