Metal detector enthusiasts find 6th-century Anglo-Saxon warrior’s grave


University of Reading

The Berkshire hilltop where metal detector hobbyists found a warrior’s grave was supposed to have been an unimportant patch of borderland between neighboring tribes 1,400 years ago. But the warrior, buried with a view of the Thames River valley and all the trappings of power and status, tells a different story. His presence suggests that this quiet bit of English countryside may have been in the thick of the power struggles that rippled across Britain in the decades after the Roman Empire receded.

Around 400 CE, Rome abandoned its far-flung colony in Britain and withdrew its troops

Google Nest Audio review: The smart speaker for anyone


Google Nest Audio is the smart speaker you should trust, or at least that’s what Google hopes. This pillow-shaped smart speaker succeeds the Google Home, and is affordable, versatile, and approachable. The Nest Audio doesn’t sound like a hi-fi sound system, because it’s not trying to be one. Instead, the Google Nest Audio is an accessible smart speaker for everyone.

Let’s see how the Nest Audio holds up in the real world, and how it differs from the latest generation of the Amazon Echo, in our Google Nest Audio review.

Google Nest Audio The latest smart speaker from Google’s

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