Dell updates its UltraSharp monitor lineup: USB-C, mini-LED backlighting, and more


Dell announced today that it is refreshing its lineup of UltraSharp monitors—part of the lineup, anyway—with new models arriving now and more trickling out through December.

The most mainstream of the big new introductions is probably the UltraSharp 24 USB-C Hub Monitor (U2421E), which is available to order starting today at $449.99. As the name suggests, it’s meant to double as a

Apple quietly stops selling Bose, Sonos and some Logitech gear — only Apple audio remains


Apple just made its rivals disappear — in its own retail store, anyhow. As Bloomberg reports, the company has abruptly stopped selling Bose, Logitech, and Sonos audio products, including the popular Bose noise-canceling headphones that would almost certainly be a direct competitor to the headphones that Apple has repeatedly been rumored to be ready to announce sometime this year.

When you go to find a product like the Logtech Ultimate Ears Megaboom speaker or those Bose headphones, you’ll find messages like these instead:

But Google’s cache shows these products were on sale as late as mid-September, if not more

Samsonite Konnect-i with Google Jacquard review: Simple and smart for a premium


When Google finally introduced project Jacquard in a Levi’s jacket in 2017, I was stoked. Man, I wanted one so bad.

Wearables had been a hot topic for only a couple of year at that point, and everyone was wondering what the next step was. We started to see smart glasses, smart rings, and a whole lot of other smart stuff pop up all over, especially at trade shows like CES. But they all had one thing in common. They were bulky.

Google’s Jacquard tech smart fibers woven into clothing  however, seemed promising. It didn’t add much

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