Nintendo forces rebranding for adult entertainer “Pokeprincxss”

Enlarge / Here’s hoping Nintendo doesn’t also consider those tattoos an infringement on its intellectual property.

Nintendo has issued a cease-and-desist order against a popular social media influencer for using Pokémon branding and imagery in her handle and products. But while the influencer formerly known as “Pokeprincxss” acknowledges her legal mistakes, she also feels she has been targeted by Nintendo for a very specific reason.

“Nintendo doesn’t want people to think I’m in any way, shape or form affiliated with them or that I have a partnership with them, and it all comes down to me being an adult entertainer,”

An introduction to Android GPU Inspector


Android GPU Inspector

If you want your game or app to stand out in the Google Play Store, having incredible graphics is one of the surest strategies. In fact, many users download games purely for their graphical fidelity – especially if their handset is new and they want to see what it can do!

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Finding tricks to eek the most performance possible out of a device can therefore be very useful. Fortunately, Google and its partners provide many tools for the job, including Android GPU Inspector.

What is AGI?

Let’s review Samsung’s big 2020 lineup


Every Tuesday this month, Vergecast co-host Dieter Bohn will host a series of discussions diving deep into tech review season, each focusing on a specific product.

This week on the show, Dieter talks with MKBHD, aka Marques Brownlee, about the various phones released by Samsung this year — from the Galaxy S20 released back in March all the way to the S20 FE we reviewed last week.

As Marques points out in his FE review video, Samsung now offers phones at almost every price point a customer can ask for. This results in a multitude of smartphones

Apple’s iPhone 12 event: rumors, news and announcements


After unveiling its new line of iPads and Watches last month, Apple is announcing its 2020 iPhone on October 13th with the phrase “Hi, Speed.” Normally, Apple would have already unveiled its next iPhone in September, but due to the pandemic, the company confirmed the phone would be delayed until October.

Like last year’s event, we expect Apple to unveil more than one iPhone, four to be precise. Many rumors have previously said the names for the iPhones would be called the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple has

An all-around fantastic GPS watch


Update: October 13, 2020: We have updated our Garmin Vivoactive 4 review with details on a big price drop for Amazon Prime Day. Right now, you can buy the Garmin Vivoactive 4 for just $199.99 ($150 off)! You really don’t want to miss this deal.

Garmin Vivoactive 4

The Vivoactive 4 is Garmin’s middle-of-the-road multisport watch. It’s a great option for outdoor enthusiasts!

Garmin’s bread and butter is its extensive line of GPS fitness watches. They’re often unrivaled by the competition — at least in terms of fitness features — and that might just be the case for the new

The smartwatch for the masses


The Apple Watch SE is a more affordable version of the Series 6 wearable. It makes lots of small trade-offs, which shouldn’t matter to most potential buyers, in order to reach the lower price point. It’s a true workout and smartphone companion that offers most of the features people want at a more palatable cost.

Find out why we like this latest wearable in the Android Authority Apple Watch SE review.

About this Apple Watch SE review: We spent 10 days using the Apple Watch SE as our main wearable. It was paired with an Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

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