FDA approves first treatment for Ebola, a Regeneron antibody cocktail

Enlarge / Staff from South Sudan’s Health Ministry pose with protective suits during a drill for Ebola preparedness conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday issued the first-ever approval for a therapy against Ebola virus disease.

Though the Ebola vaccine, Ervebo, earned approval late last year and proved 97.5 percent effective in preliminary trials, the newly approved therapy may be useful in addressing an ongoing outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo, which began in June. The FDA’s approval may also boost the outlook for similar therapies being

The best Google Cloud courses to future-proof your resume


The Complete Google Cloud Mastery Bundle

Google Cloud certification demonstrates proficiency using the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The best Google Cloud courses prepare you for these exams so you can add the certification to your resume quickly and on your first try.

The Google Cloud Platform is a suite of tools hosted on the cloud that businesses can use to enhance their own services. These include cloud storage, security, user profiles, machine learning, database management, IoT, and more.

With Google Cloud certification, IT professionals will open doors in their careers and potentially command a higher salary.

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Apple Watch Series 6 review: Take notes, Google


The Apple Watch Series 6 is an iterative upgrade over the Series 5, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Without stiff competition at the high-end, Apple can afford to release minute upgrades to its smartwatch line every few years.

But the question is for how long? Additionally, now that Apple is pushing a new affordable smartwatch in its lineup, do you really need the highest-end Apple Watch anymore? Read our full Apple Watch Series 6 review to find out.

About this Apple Watch Series 6 review: I used the Apple Watch Series 6 for two weeks running watchOS 7.0.1. It

Apple’s HomePod will soon support Dolby Atmos with the Apple TV 4K


Apple’s HomePod is getting a lot more useful as a home cinema speaker for Apple TV 4K owners. Apple has confirmed to The Verge that an upcoming software update will let the speaker output Dolby Atmos audio as well as 5.1 and 7.1 channel audio from Apple’s streaming box.

The feature will work best when you have two HomePod speakers paired up, but also works with just one. The new $99 HomePod mini, though, will not support the new home cinema functionality.

Dolby Atmos support arrives as Apple is overhauling how the HomePod works with its streaming box. For starters,

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