After 20 years of service, the Space Station flies into an uncertain future

Enlarge / The essentially complete International Space Station in 2010, as seen by space shuttle Atlantis.


The Cold War had been concluded for less than a decade when NASA astronaut Bill Shepherd and two Russian cosmonauts, Sergei Krikalev and Yuri Gidzenko, crammed themselves into a Soyuz spacecraft and blasted into orbit on Halloween, 20 years ago.

Two days later their small spacecraft docked with the International Space Station, then a fraction of the size it is today. Their arrival would herald the beginning of what has since become 20 years of continuous habitation of the laboratory that NASA, leading

Everything you need to know about the new TV service

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T-Mobile is officially launching its new cord-cutting TV service nationwide today. T-Mobile TVision offers affordable channel packages for T-Mobile post-paid customers, along with its own Android TV HDMI dongle. We’ve used the service and hardware for a few days. Here’s what we think of T-Mobile TVision. If you are a T-Mobile customer, you can sign up for the service now at the link below:

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What is TVision?

In late 2017, T-Mobile announced it would acquire the small cable TV company Layer3. At the time, the carrier said it was going to use

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