Report: Sony legal threat halts plans for third-party PS5 faceplates


Last month, Sony revealed in a teardown video that the wavy white faceplates that give the PlayStation 5 so much of its substantial bulk are easily removable by hand, without the use of tools. That caused some to hope for the return of an aftermarket for customizable, Xbox 360-style faceplates to change the look of the system in your personal entertainment center.

Sony, apparently, is

Best Apple Watch deals November 2020


Thinking about picking up a new Apple Watch? It’s never a bad idea to wait until there’s a good deal, and thankfully, those happen with some regularity. The latest model, the Apple Watch Series 6, starts at $399. Despite launching in September, it already has a small price reduction. If that’s a little too expensive, you can drop at least another $120 off the price by buying an Apple Watch SE, which also launched last month.

Of course, the Series 3 is less expensive option, too, as it is the most affordable Apple Watch model to date. It has a

Finally, an affordable robot vacuum that doesn’t suck


Combination mop-vacuum cleaning robots are great, but they don’t always have the capacity to handle larger living areas due to the space limitations of a combo unit. The Tesvor S6 robot vacuum takes a different approach to this mop-vacuum problem. It has a large 350ml water tank exclusively for mopping and a separate 600ml dustbin for vacuuming. That’s almost double the capacity you’d get on some combo robovacs. This is the Tesvor S6 review.

About this Tesvor S6 review: I’ve been using the Tesvor S6 for a month. During the Tesvor S6 review period, the robovac was running software version

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) review: A bit better, a bit worse


Now in its fourth generation, the Amazon Echo Dot has a whole new visual identity. While the three models before it had a puck-like shape, this time around, the popular Alexa speaker is shaped like an orb. It echoes the design language of the larger Echo speaker, and not much else.

But should you upgrade to the Echo Dot 4th gen, or look at other smart speaker alternatives? We find out in the Android Authority new Echo Dot review.

Amazon Echo Dot (Fourth Generation)

The fourth-generation Echo Dot takes two steps forward and one step back. Compared to the

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