The weird genomes of domesticated fish


Humans have domesticated a large number of animals over their history, some for food, some as companions and protectors. A few species—think animals like rabbits and guinea pigs—have partly shifted between these two categories, currently serving as both food and pets. But one species has left its past as a food source behind entirely. And, in another rarity, it ended up serving not so much as a companion but as a decoration.

We’re talking goldfish here, and we’ve now gotten a look at their genome. And it’s almost as weird as the fish themselves are.

A fine kettle of fish

Apple iPhone 12 Pro review: All the right angles


Each year’s iPhone launch is a pretty huge event in the tech space. Apple attracts a larger overall audience than nearly any Android manufacturer, mostly due to its widespread appeal and the sheer pull it has on the industry. To put it lightly, new iPhone features (or lack thereof) often set trends for the entire smartphone industry for the foreseeable future.

This year, Apple hasn’t made many significant changes with the iPhone 12 Pro, instead opting for a new shape, a smarter 5nm processor, a slightly improved camera, a LIDAR sensor, and magnets. While these alone probably aren’t a

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