Sorry, you can’t move your discontinued copy of PT to the PS5

Enlarge / PT scenes like this will not be viewable on the PS5, even though they were briefly during the prerelease period.

Remember PT? The free “playable trailer” was released for the PS4 back in 2014 to promote a Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro-led Silent Hill sequel featuring Norman Reedus. But when that project was cancelled in 2015, the demo was removed from the PlayStation Store, even as a redownload.

That means the short horror demo is now only playable on some of the 1 million or so PS4 systems that downloaded it before the discontinuation. Those

Arm Macs are a big gamble, and Apple is all in


Apple is on the verge of making one of the biggest platform changes in the company’s history. On Tuesday, it’s expected to announce the first Macs that will run off Apple-designed processors and graphics cards instead of the Intel chips it’s used since 2005.

It’s a strategy that Apple has employed to great success with its iPhone and iPad devices over the past decade, but the coming transition for its laptops and desktops will represent a whole new challenge.

When Apple — displeased with the roadmap for the PowerPC chips it had been using across its product portfolio —

OnePlus Nord N10 hands-on: Settling on simplicity

OnePlus Nord N10 in the hand angled

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The OnePlus Nord N10 is the middle child of the Nord family. The Nord sits at the top of the heap, with the N10 and then the N100 sitting below. Together, these three phones represent a new tier of devices meant to give OnePlus fans the full range of potential price points: from entry-level to premiere mid-range. For example, the vanilla OnePlus Nord starts at £379 in the UK, while the N10 costs £329/€329 (~$429), and the N100 is £179/€179 (~$233). That leaves the N10 in an awkward spot.

Can anything set the OnePlus

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