Our editors discuss the M1 Macs with Walt Mossberg


Last week on The Vergecast, the crew spent some time discussing Apple’s announcement of new Mac computers with its own Arm-based processor chip, which Apple is calling the M1. This week, Vergecast co-hosts Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn got their hands on the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with the M1 chips for review and brought their findings to this week’s episode.

Nilay and Dieter also bring in deputy editor Dan Seifert and editor Chris Welch to discuss their experiences with the new computers in regards to performance, battery life, and running iOS apps on macOS.

But before

iFixit teardown of M1 MacBooks gives us our first glimpse at the M1 up close


As expected, iFixit has done a teardown of two of Apple’s three new M1-based Macs: the MacBook Air and the 2-port, 13-inch MacBook Pro. What they found is somehow both surprising and not: almost nothing has changed in the laptops apart from the inclusion of the

When budget doesn’t mean value


OnePlus has typically made phones for enthusiasts. These devices have super speed, big displays, and are made with high-quality materials. Its flagship phones have also been steadily increasing in price each year. The OnePlus Nord N100 swings in completely the opposite direction. At £179 (~$238), it’s the cheapest smartphone ever sold by the company.

Has OnePlus created the best ultra-budget phone you can buy? Find out in Android Authority’s OnePlus Nord N100 review.

About this OnePlus Nord N100 review: I spent seven days with the OnePlus Nord N100 as my main phone. It was running Oxygen OS 10.5,

Google Assistant coming to Samsung TVs in 12 countries by year end


Google Assistant is now available on Samsung’s 2020 TVs in the UK, France, Germany, and Italy, and will be available in 12 countries by the end of the year, Samsung has announced. This follows the launch of Google’s voice assistant on Samsung’s TVs in the US last month. Samsung says it’ll roll out in Spain, Brazil, India and South Korea by late November. The voice assistant is available alongside Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s own Bixby voice assistants.

According to Samsung, Google’s voice assistant can be used to control the TV directly with commands like changing channels or adjusting

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