Why are nuclear plants so expensive? Safety’s only part of the story


Should any discussion of nuclear power go on for long enough, it becomes inevitable that someone will rant that the only reason they’ve become unaffordable is a proliferation of safety regulations. The argument is rarely (if ever) fleshed out—no specific regulation is ever identified as problematic, and there seems to be no consideration given to the fact that we might have learned something at, say, Fukushima that might merit addressing through regulations.

But there’s now a paper out that provides some empirical evidence that safety changes have contributed to the cost of building new nuclear reactors. But the study also

Apple iPhone 12 Mini review: Pint-sized power


If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone in 2020, you’ve frankly got a ton of options. From the super-affordable $399 iPhone SE to the $1,199 iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple now offers an iPhone in every pricing tier. But beyond pricing, it also offers iPhones in a variety of sizes. While you previously had to pick up an iPhone SE to get something on the smaller side, Apple’s new iPhone 12 Mini is a fantastic mixture of premium and pint-sized.

But what are you missing out on by picking up Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini, and is it

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