The immune system and COVID: It’s still confusing

Enlarge / SOUTH TANGERANG, INDONESIA – JANUARY 7, 2021: A patient recovered from COVID-19 donates plasma at Indonesia Red Cross Transfusion Center.

Vaccine trials have made clear that the immune system can mount a robust response to SARS-CoV-2. Beyond that, though, there are a lot of question marks. People exposed to the virus don’t always produce much in the way of antibodies to it, and there have been a number of cases of reinfection. We’re not sure how long immunity lasts or whether it correlates with antibody levels or something else–there hasn’t even been great

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite review: Basic and good


Xiaomi devices are popular because they’re good and affordable. That is true for the company’s smartphones and fitness trackers, and it’s starting to be the case for its smartwatches, too.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite is a basic smartwatch with a surprising amount of fitness features. If you’re wondering if you should spend your money on this ultra-cheap smartwatch, read our full Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite review.

About this Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite review: I used the Xiaomi Mi Watch for nine days running software version 4.0.93. It was paired to my Google Pixel 5 for the duration of this

Looks like Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro and SmartTags are a lock for January 14th


Samsung is widely expected to announce its Galaxy S21 lineup of phones at its upcoming January 14th event, and now it looks like we can safely assume that Samsung will launch its next true wireless headphones and its Tile competitor at the event as well. A leaked marketing render of a promotion offering either the unannounced Galaxy Buds Pro or a Galaxy SmartTag alongside a preorder of the Galaxy S21 Ultra was shared by leaker Evan Blass on Friday.

The leaked marketing image of the promotion.
Image: Evan Blass

A lot of information about both the Galaxy Buds

Apple’s App Store made an estimated $64 billion in 2020


According to CNBC’s analysis, Apple’s App Store made $64 billion in revenue in 2020, which is a 28 percent increase from the estimated $50 billion it made in 2019. This represents a good amount of growth for the App Store since the estimated increase between 2018 and 2019 was only 3.1 percent.

It’s hard to tell the exact reason for the spike in growth, but it likely had something to do with the COVID-19 pandemic. I can say from personal experience that I bought quite a few more games in 2020 than I have in years past, as well

This is how hominins adapted to a changing world 2 million years ago


The versatility that helped humans take over the world emerged very early in our evolutionary history, according to sediments and stone tools from Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania.

Olduvai has provided some of the oldest known tools and fossils from our genus, Homo. A recent study lines that evidence up with environmental clues buried in the sediment. The results suggest that our early relatives were equipped to adapt to new environments by around 2 million years ago.

That seems to have been a key ability that allowed our relatives to go global. By 1.7 million years ago, an early human

Cheap, lightweight battery champ with 5G


The Redmi Note 9T is the latest low-cost Xiaomi phone to reach the market and it packs a double 5G punch. It may be a simple phone, but it covers the right bases in just the right ways.

Find out if this phone is for you in Android Authority‘s Redmi Note 9T review.

About this Redmi Note 9T review: We tested the Redmi Note 9T review unit over a period of seven days. The phone was running Android 11 with Xiaomi’s MIUI 12. Xiaomi supplied the phone to Android Authority for the purposes of this review.

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