Samsung Galaxy S21 review: Its value is its strength


This year, power users are no doubt super excited about the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. It has all the specs, all the cameras, and all the juice you need to power through a day (or two) of heavy smartphone use. While that’s great for the enthusiast crowd, they represent but a tiny fraction of the overall smartphone-buying population. Most people don’t need all those bleeding-edge specs and features (or all that money drained from their bank accounts).

Enter the Samsung Galaxy S21. This phone isn’t for power users. In fact, if you’re a power user, I can guarantee that

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra review: the real deal


Samsung’s “Ultra” phones are meant to be the absolute pinnacle of the company’s (non-folding) mobile technology. And so the Galaxy S21 Ultra — the third Ultra phone after the S20 and Note 20 Ultras — spares very few expenses. The price is lower than before, starting at $1,199.99, but the phone itself is a perfect example of what happens when Samsung goes all-out.

It’s also a perfect example of how Samsung often whiffs on its first attempt at something but presses on anyway, eventually achieving the original vision it couldn’t the first time. The original Galaxy S20 Ultra from last

Surprising quality for the price!


Shopping for a phone or tablet stand is no easy feat. Not because there aren’t options out there, but because there are too many. A simple Amazon search will present you with an onslaught of choices with different features, made of varying materials, and at many price points. But how fancy does a tablet stand really need to be, or can it be too simple? The trick is finding the right balance between functionality, build quality, and price.

One of the latest tablet accessory units to hit our review table is the Nulaxy A5 Tablet Stand. We won’t spoil the

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid review: light on features for the cost


The $199 GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds from audio company EPOS are, to my knowledge, the first truly wireless earbuds made for gaming — but the buds themselves aren’t the biggest selling point. The USB-C Bluetooth receiver that comes with the earbuds gets that distinction.

It’s much more compact than the standard flash drive-sized USB dongles included with many headsets. It’s more capable, too, operating with the aptX low latency (aptX LL) codec that delivers good-sounding audio with no perceivable lag. Using the receiver, the GTW 270 Hybrid can be especially great for fast-paced games where sound cues count for success;

Samsung Display is mass-producing 90Hz OLED screens for laptops


Samsung Display has announced plans to mass-produce the world’s first 90Hz OLED screens designed for laptops and says that “several global IT companies” are expected to release models with the new panels this year. Manufacturing will begin in March in “very large quantities,” the company says in a statement attributed to CEO Choi Joo-sun.

The panels are 14-inch in size, though Samsung Display hasn’t given details on specs like aspect ratio or resolution; it’s possible that there will be multiple versions available. Samsung does cite the faster response time of its OLED panels, claiming “practically” the same amount of blurring

CBS All Access is dead, long live Paramount+: “New” streaming service launches March 4

Enlarge / Star Trek: Picard will be offered on the new/old streaming service.

It’s time for yet another streaming service—sort of. ViacomCBS has announced that Paramount+ will launch on March 4, but it’s more of an evolution than a wholly new service, as it replaces and expands upon the company’s previous service, CBS All Access.

The move to replace CBS All Access was announced several months ago. It’s in large part a result of the completion of the merger between CBS and Viacom, as CBS All Access launched before that merger, but the merger greatly increased the content library that

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