84% of Mexican hand sanitizers toxic or flawed; FDA issues drastic alert

Enlarge / Hand sanitizer being applied to a person’s hand.

The US Food and Drug Administration on Monday issued a first-of-its-kind alert to try to block the import of toxic hand sanitizers from Mexico, which have been flooding the market amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last June, the regulatory agency began issuing alerts and warnings for consumers about dangerous and counterfeit hand sanitizers, many of which were made in Mexico. Since then, the FDA has issued alerts on 226 products. An FDA survey conducted between April and December found that 84 percent of products tested from Mexico were not in

Garmin Lily review: The best smartwatch for women?


A common problem in the wearables world is the significant lack of devices geared towards women (or simply those with smaller wrists). Even the smallest Apple Watch can look too big on some wrists. That’s why Garmin is launching the Garmin Lily — a smartwatch designed specifically for women.

The Lily is a capable fitness tracker — and a pretty one at that. However, it oftentimes left us wanting a bit more. Read our full Garmin Lily review to find out why.

About this Garmin Lily review: Lily and Jimmy used the Garmin Lily for nine days running software version

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra is first with new power efficient OLED display


Samsung’s latest flagship, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, is its first phone to feature Samsung Display’s new power-efficient OLED panels. In a press release, Samsung says the new display consumes 16 percent less power thanks to a “just-developed organic material” that means “electrons flow faster and more easily across the display’s organic layer.”

“In other words,” Samsung explains, the technology means its “OLED panels can create brighter light while consuming less power, which improves the battery lifetime.” A smartphone’s display is typically one of its most power-hungry components, so efficiency gains here can have a big impact on the overall

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s EKG feature is coming to 31 new countries


Samsung is expanding its Health Monitor app to 31 new countries, including 28 European countries, and people in those countries will be able to use the app with a Galaxy Watch 3 or Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch to take electrocardiogram (EKG) and blood pressure readings.

Samsung says the app was granted a CE marking in December, which means that it complies with applicable regulations in Europe and can be offered in the European Economic Area.

Here is the full list of countries in Europe that will soon be able to get the app: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic,

Apple hardware engineering chief Dan Riccio leaves role for “new project”


Apple announced Tuesday that its longtime SVP of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio, will depart his current role and assume a new one focused entirely on a “new project.” Riccio had led hardware engineering since 2012. Prior to that role, he led iPad hardware engineering. He will report directly to CEO Tim Cook in his new role.

John Ternus, who has held the title of vice president of hardware engineering since 2001, will step into Riccio’s prior role leading the hardware engineering team. Ternus has appeared in recent

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