If it’s your first visit to Turkey, particularly if it’s also your first holiday outside of Europe, you might be wondering what’s awaiting you from your Dalaman Airport transfers onwards. Here are a few tips and reassurances under some of the classic concern headings.


Yes, Turkey’s hot in the summer months, with temperatures regularly in the low to mid 30s. The Internet’s full of advice how to protect yourself against the sun and dehydration, so read up and be sensible. Basically, you’d take the same precautions you would in countries like Greece or Spain, for example.


The vast majority of Turkish people are teetotal and also Muslim. However, they are also very tolerant and relaxed about visitors’ own personal choices and alcohol is generally freely available. Note, though, that excessive consumption and public displays of drunkenness are more frowned upon than in many other countries. Also, don’t consume alcohol in public in the vicinity of schools or mosques.


The Turkish state is officially secular – i.e. non-religious. Islam is the religion of the vast majority of Turks, but this is rarely an issue for visitors from overseas. Do note though that unlike the case with churches in Europe, Turks are typically very respectful of the environs of a mosque, including in the surrounding streets. So, in addition to the alcohol advice above, remember to dress modestly and avoid disrespectful behaviour (playing loud music, shouting and dancing, horsing around, revving up engines etc.) if you’re going to be close-by a mosque

Dress code

Holiday resort dress standards are pretty much as per European resort norms. Nobody minds brief bathing costumes on the beach or in resort pool areas. Once you’re off the ‘first line’ cafés and bars though, the norm might be to dress a tad more conservatively if you’re going into a shop or walking in the street. You don’t have to overdo it but skimpy attire in a café off the beach might raise a few eyebrows. In passing, don’t think this only applies to women Hijab. Men walking into supermarkets wearing very brief swimming trunks might also not be seen to be respecting local customs. Look what others are doing and generally follow their lead.


Dalaman Airport transfers will deliver you into a shopping world that’s quite unlike most of Europe. In the bazaars, polite haggling is expected.Hijab Take local advice about ‘best practice’ because there can be some variations depending upon the locality.

As a general rule, haggling doesn’t happen in major European-style stores, trendy boutiques, restaurants, supermarkets and some basic foodstuff stalls. It does happen in most stalls in bazaars, however, where you’ll be looking at things like clothes, leather goods, jewellery, arts and crafts and so on. Always be prepared to walk away when haggling, in spite of the protestations of the vendor. It’s all an act and they do it day in and day out!

Above all, remember that your Dalaman airport transfers are going to be the start of a great holiday in a fantastic country.

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