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If January turned out to be a quiet month for Android developer news, it was very much the quiet before the storm. With the surprise drop of the Android 11 Developer Preview, devs have plenty of work on their plates. And as though that wasn’t enough, Google followed this act by launching Android Studio 3.6!

To find out more about these bombshells along with the usual round-up of news and features, keep reading.

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  • Turning it up to 11: the first Developer Preview of Android 11 – This was the big one! Google released the first beta of Android 11 on 19th February. The race for devs to get their apps ready has begun! You’ll find the full list of updates here, and everything you need to get started.  If you want a more digestible overview, then check out our post above.
  • Android Studio 3.6 – The other big news this month is the launch of Android Studio 3.6 on the stable channel. This brings a number of new features primarily aimed at streamlining the process of debugging and editing. You’ll get a full breakdown in this blog post from Google.
  • Safer and More Transparent Access to Use Location – This post looks at some improvements Google has made to the way it handles use location requests. Specifically, users can now choose to grant access on a single one-off occasion.
  • Native Dependencies in Android Studio 4.0 – Developers that rely on the NDK sometimes struggle with native dependencies. Version 4.0 of the Gradle Plugin brings a number of changes to address this.
  • Detecting Memory Corruption Bugs With HWASan – Hardware Assisted Address Sanitizer helps with memory bugs and other issues that arise in C and C++. This is the fast and mmemory-lite tool Google uses when developing Android. Now devs can use it for their own projects.
  • The path to DX deprecation – Following the release of D8, DX is on the way out. Developers need to start migrating now, in advance of DX being fully removed from Android Studio on 1 Feb 2021.
  • Handling Device Orientation Efficiently in Vulkan With Pre-Rotation – Vulkan requires Android developers to handle some features that were automatically dealt with by OpenGL. One such example is device orientation. This post shows you what you need to know.
  • Data Encryption on Android With Jetpack Security – A guide from Google, showing you how to encrypt data in apps using Jetpack Security.

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