To all of you who got a new Apple device for Christmas, congrats! But you might have some difficulty setting up and signing in to iCloud along with other Apple users. First reported by Apple Insider, as of Saturday morning, Apple’s system status page was showing “some users affected” by an issue that began at around 4:45AM ET on December 25th. “Users may be experiencing a problem with this service,” the status update reads.

The issue appears to be affecting multiple devices. The system status page doesn’t show issues with any other parts of iCloud or other Apple services. Apple Support tweeted Friday afternoon that it was aware of the issue, and said it was “experiencing a high capacity at this time, which is impacting your ability to set up iCloud, please try back in a couple of hours.” The message was directed to a user trying to set up their mother’s new iPad and HomePod mini.

It’s still not clear how widespread the problem is, but there’s been no further update from Apple for several hours. Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from The Verge on Saturday morning. We’ll update this article with any new information if we hear back from them.


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