The right way to use a Python operate name


Within the final publish introducing Python, I demonstrated how you can make a easy app utilizing variables and conditional statements. With a purpose to do something actually highly effective in a given programming language although, you’ll want to perceive features! On this publish, we’ll focus on the Python operate name.

What’s a Python operate name?

Earlier than we take a look at how you can name a operate in Python, we first must familiarize ourselves with the idea.

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Capabilities are used all through programming as a approach to group sure duties collectively. This turns into helpful in a wide range of circumstances, notably when a repetitive job must be carried out a number of occasions.

Capabilities are used all through programming as a approach to group sure duties collectively.

For instance, when you constructed an app that drew a whole bunch of triangles on the display screen to generate a kaleidoscopic impact, you can do that in one among two methods:

  • With out features: by repeatedly writing the code to attract a triangle with.
  • With a Python operate name: by producing a number of coordinates and feeding them to your “draw triangle” operate.

The latter is much extra environment friendly, requires much less code, and is usually the popular methodology. Not solely that, however when you ever determine you wish to draw squares as an alternative of triangles; you can change just some traces of code and your entire output could be completely different!

Another advantage of utilizing features is that they’re modular and transportable. For those who write one other program with a triangle in it, you possibly can simply copy and paste your triangle code wholesale!

Python name operate instance

Right here is an very simple instance of a Python operate that can print “Good day World!” onto the display screen:


def hello_print():

    print("Good day World!")



That’s how you can outline a operate in Python and name it!

The operate right here is known as HelloPrint. First we “outline” this operate with the def assertion, then we place any code we wish to be part of it instantly beneath. The return assertion merely instructs the interpreter to return to no matter level within the code it was at earlier than it carried out the operate.

Notice that I’ve capitalized every phrase in my operate identify. This can be a good follow because it helps to differentiate a Python operate name from statements.

Now, any time we wish to say “Good day World!” we are able to easy write HelloPrint() and it’ll occur!

For instance:


def hello_print():

    print("Good day World!")




Run this code and also you’ll now see the “Good day World!” message seem twice!

As a result of this code is grouped individually, it received’t run till you utilize the Python operate name. That additionally signifies that this code will do the exact identical factor:


def hello_print():

    print("Good day World!")




This additionally means you need to have the ability to work out how you can name a operate from one other operate:


def greetings_print():

    print("Good day World!")



def nice_day_today():

    print(“Good day at this time, isn’t it!”)



And that, in a nutshell, is how you can name a operate in Python! However we nonetheless haven’t tapped into the actual energy of Python features but!

The right way to move info to a Python operate name

Whereas features are helpful for performing repetitive duties, their actual energy lies within the skill to present and obtain knowledge. That is what these little brackets are for: they permit us to name a operate in Python whereas additionally passing in knowledge.

For instance, the next code will say “Good day Adam”:


def say_hello(Title):

    print(“Good day ” + Title)



That is signifies that the identical operate can carry out barely completely different actions relying on the variables we give it.

The right way to manipulate knowledge

Much more helpful although, is the flexibility of a operate to remodel knowledge.

To do that, we have to move info into the operate, carry out an motion, after which return that info.

Right here’s a technique that we would carry out this with a Python purposeful name:


def multiplier(Quantity):

    return = Quantity * 10


Right here, the output will likely be “50” as a result of the quantity 5 is handed with the Python operate name, which returns that worth multiplied by 10. Discover how we are able to write the Python operate name simply as if it have been the identify of an integer itself. This permits for very fast and versatile coding!

There are numerous methods we are able to use this function. Right here is one other little instance that requires simply three traces of code:


def counter(Title):

    return len(Title)

name_please = enter("Title size counter! Enter your full identify ")


This little app is a “identify size counter.” This makes use of the len assertion from Python, which returns an integer based mostly on the size of a string. So, this enjoyable app can inform you what number of characters are in your identify!

That’s together with areas however hey, nobody is ideal.

We’re simply scratching the floor of Python can do

Now you understand how to make use of a Python operate name! This opens up a world of potentialities, however don’t cease there! To essentially flex the total energy of Python, you’ll want to grasp ideas similar to features, modules, and extra. To that finish, we suggest trying out our information to the most effective on-line Python programs. 

That mentioned, when you’re a real newbie and searching for an excellent course that’s straightforward to get began with, we extremely suggest Coding with Python: Coaching for Aspiring Builders, which you’ll be able to nab for simply $49.99, which is an absolute steal because the course is valued round $700.

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