Produced by Vara Reese, edited by Ron Douglas. Click here for transcript.

Retro-tech YouTube is an awesome place to lose months and months of time—it’s a place where awesome creators like The 8-Bit Guy and Techmoan ply their wares, tempting viewers with in-depth discussions of decades-old technology. My personal favorite retro-tech channel to fall into, though, is LGR, or “Lazy Game Reviews,” hosted by the smooth-voiced Clint Basinger.

LGR has been reliably churning out videos (often set to smooth jazz) for more than a decade, running the gamut from game reviews to industry retrospectives to… whatever this is, but the videos I love the most are the unboxing videos. They’re not your typical unboxing videos—I mean, where else can you watch someone unwrap and set up a new old-stock IBM PC AT, model 5170? And then upgrade the crap out of it?

We’ve done a couple of successful videos with YouTubers Markiplier and Linus Tech Tips, and so we thought it was time to give Clint at LGR the same treatment—we trawled through the comments on his past videos looking for gems, and then we asked him for his recollections about the comments and the videos to which they’re attached.

Clint didn’t disappoint—in addition to having an insane amount of hardware (check out that Obsidian X24 box on the shelf behind him—that thing was a monster), he also demonstrated a prodigious amount of knowledge about his channel’s old comments. This was an enjoyable shoot, and it was awesome to get to (virtually) meet Clint and listen to some salty dog sea stories of the golden days of MS-DOS gaming.

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